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5 Ways to Use G Suite for Colorado Businesses

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Axis Business Technologies is proud to have been serving
the Pikes Peak Region for over 40 years, and we are proud to be the leading provider for modern,
proactive, and effective business technology in Colorado Springs. From copiers & printers, to document management software solutions and paperless business consulting, servers & computers, network equipment, digital signage & video walls, AV conference room solutions, VoIP systems, software solutions, we really are your best choice for any of your businesses technology needs! Axis Business Technologies is proud to assist businesses of all sizes increase efficiency & productivity in their workplace, as well as maximize profits by increasing revenue and decreasing costs.
I have seen many local companies make the transition to online and digital workflows, especially when it comes to using, sharing, and distributing documents. This transition into a “paperless” workplace has helped businesses reduce their costs and improve internal communication. When you can simply create and share a document—a training video, a financial record, a patient request—over the internet, it opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to the workflow of your business. While I not only provide systems and operations that help my clients go paperless, I happily provide education and information for my clients that can help simplify their business operations.
One of the platforms that many of my clients use is a cloud-based, Google developed product called G Suite. G Suite helps businesses of all sizes with computing, productivity, collaboration, and more by offering an online document-based system. As your business technology leader, I want to share with you 5 ways that G Suite can help your business so that you can be more productive.

1. Work on Office files within G Suite
Microsoft Office is the default productivity program for most companies due to its user-ability and price point. Early adopters of G Suite know that historically the only way to incorporate the use of Office files was to open the document in the Google program (Sheets, Docs, or Slides), save it as an Office file and then send it back to the client. This has always been a rather arduous process that was a major drawback of G Suite.
Fortunately, Google is constantly adapting to user needs and understood the need to merge the functions of the two powerful platforms. Users are now able to incorporate MS Office files from Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint into G Suite. Users can also utilize the special features Google has created, and seamlessly save the file back to a Microsoft file before delivering it to clients. This new feature is designed to significantly improve user efficiency that can
significantly improve the workflows of Colorado Springs businesses.

2. Create, Save, and Share Files with G Suite
At Axis Business Technologies, I’ve coached local companies through various cloud-based storage solutions, but there are a couple that have proven to be effective throughout many years: Dropbox and Google Drive. Both cloud storage systems provide backup storage, sync files across platforms, and allow for easy sharing abilities. Historically, the two have competed for the attention of various companies by fighting for speed, security, ease of use, pricing and more
(, but a new partnership brings the two
powerhouse programs together.
Both companies took to listening to public requests, and they have finally integrated in order to improve efficiency and productivity. Dropbox recognized that over 50% of their customers have G Suite accounts and working within both programs was ultimately causing more frustrating to companies, as often clients require storage and file sharing in either G Suite or Dropbox. ( partnership-with-google/) In order to meet client needs, companies craved the ability to store and work with G Suite documents in Dropbox which is exactly what the partnership aims to provide.

3. Google Calendar is now easier to use
I recognize that not only are I in a constantly evolving world, but my world is continuously improving ways to communicate and collaborate. Business may have team members that travel, work remotely, or have schedules that seem to never be the same each week. G Suite is designed to make life easier on teams so that everyone can make the most of their time. Users are now able to integrate Google Calendar with ease. Team calendars can be viewed with the purpose of scheduling meetings (yes, that means fewer times hitting that “propose new time” button, provide event details, and collaborate to ensure each team member is able to schedule and manage events effectively.

4. Secure Your Gmail Account
In a digital world, companies of every size are vulnerable to digital threats. Staff email, poor password storage, compromised devices, and more are issues that all businesses face. External and internal client data protection is more important than ever. Over the past few years, major companies such as Target, Capitol One, and Equifax have faced data breaches which have a negative ripple effect on not only financial and legal repercussions, but on citizens across the nation. The G Suite team has been constantly working to stay on the cutting edge of security needs for personal and professional users in order to protect every subscriber. G Suite launched a new security protocol for Gmail called MTA-STS which is now standard for all accounts. Additionally, G Suite developed malware and additional phishing protection for Gmail which is now in beta testing.
Gmail Protection Standards Using MTA-STS
Every industry can greatly benefit from G Suite’s new security protocol, MTA-STS which demands comprehensive authentication and encryption checks for emails in transit. This new standard requires additional layers of email security than ever before.
Gmail Malware and Phishing Protection (In Beta)
As email communication has eased my ability to efficiently portray information to various clients, send documents, and make sales, it has also made it easier for hackers to gain vulnerable information. Email phishing occurs when a hacker disguises an email to appear as a trusted source in order to obtain personal information such as logins, bank information, social security numbers, and more. These destructive emails may also pose threats by embedding malware into seemingly innocent hyperlinks within emails. In 2018, Gmail introduced various protective measures against email phishing and malware protection. The G Suite team continues to integrate additional protection features and policies to protect users and their clients.

5. Google Voice is now live for all users
My team has experienced how technology has evolved how companies function each day, but business cycles stay the same. In order to generate revenue, sales teams need to generate, monitor, and close leads. With increased incoming and outgoing web traffic, it has been harder to companies to manage phone calls. With Google Voice with G Suite, companies are now able
to utilize this web-based telecommunication service to facilitate communications that impact their bottom lines.
Google Voice offers higher call quality, answering management, and diverse communication (such as SMS for customer relation management) than any traditional landline system ever could. Google Voice is now live and ready to enhance telecommunication management for companies across various industries.

Increase Your Productivity | Colorado Springs Business Solutions
Part of our overall mission at Axis Business Technologies is to constantly support businesses throughout Colorado by promoting office solutions designed to increase performance at every level. Through direct support and education, there is nothing I love more than helping business owners and office managers succeed in El Paso County. If your team is ready to integrate a virtual office space, paperless office, or cloud-based document and storage system, then our expert staff is here to help.
In addition to evolving with the digital world, I believe in providing state of the art technology that supports traditional business needs. I provide businesses throughout Colorado with copiers available for purchase, rent, or lease. At Axis Business Technologies, I will connect your business with printers, scanners, paper shredders, folders, and more in order to ensure your team can be as productive as possible. To get in touch with us, please fill out the contact form or request a quote on our website today to begin a conversation about business technology solutions in Colorado.

Matthew S. Kubiak, DSCE
Axis Business Technologies

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