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3 Common Copier Problems—And How You Can Fix Them

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A malfunctioning copier machine can cause unnecessary delays and inconvenience employees at a workplace. You may need an essential document for a meeting or have to print some reports to show to your boss. But if the copier refuses to work, you can do nothing but fret over it.

You may laugh all you want at the comic copier problems in the movie Office Space, but there’s not much humor when it actually happens.

But you can plan ahead and prevent that by knowing potential problems that happen with commercial copiers. Let’s look at some of those.

Paper Jams

This is by far the most prevalent problem in offices. Before you do anything, resist the urge to wrestle with the machine to get the paper out. It could break the machine or cause significant hardware damage.

Note the way the paper is loaded into the machine. If you’re doing that wrong, paper jams are bound to happen. Make sure you’re choosing the right size of paper for the copier; inserting the wrong size in an improper alignment can also cause it to get jammed.

Paper dust is another reason why copier trouble may occur. Clean the feed tires periodically and vacuum the copier to extract the dust buildup.

Lines on Paper

When you send a print command, you expect the document to illustrate the diagrams and text you see on your computer screen. Instead, what comes out is a paper lined with black marks, unfinished images, and other deformities.

Such an unsightly appearance is not fit to be submitted to your superiors, and you have to re-do the print to get the perfect copy. This wastes company resources and time.

You might need to check the scanner glass for dirt or other pollutants. The developer unit or drum-blade may also be malfunctioning to cause this. You might need to avail the warranty of your copier or consult a technician to fix the problem.

Cartridge Issues

If your cartridge is low and needs a refill or replacement, do it ASAP. Don’t delay it because that may lead to cartridge or toner issues. If you’re about to replace your toner, make sure the new one is compatible with your machine, otherwise, the print quality will suffer. This may not seem like a big problem, but it can affect the quality of work that goes under your name and determines your performance at work.

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