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3 Print Management Software Programs That Will Help You Boost Productivity

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You may think you only need a computer and a printer to fulfill commercial printing requirements. But you won’t know the need for a print management software until you use one.

It delivers the promise it makes and offers cost-reductive benefits to businesses. You won’t have to pay extra to track and allocate print commands and enhance productivity through a streamlined printing process.

The print management software program can help boost the workforce’s productivity by eliminating inefficiencies. Software solutions can integrate various office machines—copiers, laser printers, and color printers—and digitize the system.

If you’re interested in getting a print management software, here are some examples that you should look into.


If you want to create an encrypted printing environment that protects accessibility to confidential documents, MyQ is the software to go with. It scans and verifies the user with a PIN code before granting the command.

It records each printed document’s time and date, enabling you to check the records if you suspect unauthorized activity.

This protects high-priority intellectual property and also improves the efficiency and accuracy of printed documents. Users can connect with any available printer and minimize time delays.

Businesses can also keep tabs on the monthly printing expenses and monitor any fluctuations that exceed your budget.


This print management software limits access to authorized cardholders. You only need to swipe a card to allow access-only scanning, faxing, and printing.

It allows users to transfer files and printing documents to more than one remote location. However, each recipient must also confirm their identity before the software authorizes them to print.

This software has a unique feature of 22 distinct languages; this is an attraction for multinational businesses that have multilingual consumers.

The reporting tool allows managers to keep track of print history in all primary and secondary offices.

Net Manager

If you need to enforce strict compliance for company rules and authorized documentation, Net Manager is ideal for that.

Administrators will get alerts every time an unauthorized user attempts to access or print confidential documents. It protects data through PIN codes and ID verification. This minimizes the risk of data theft.

It also enables companies to go green through an in-built paper-saving feature. This not just saves your money but also preserves the environment.

With cloud-based data backup, you can access, scan, or transfer files anytime, anywhere.

Do you need better software solutions for print management?

We offer print management software such as MyQ, Papercut, Net Manager, and PRISM to Colorado Springs businesses.

Reach out to us for details.

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