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How to Choose the Best Printer for Your Small Business?

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If you’re starting off, you might not need to print hundreds of order receipts in a day. For startups, the target market is small and uncertain, and the scope of your business is narrow.

Investing in high-grade commercial printers demands a big sum of money that may offer a significant trade-off. You need to evaluate your printing requirements and budget before you shop for a printing device.

Here are some pointers to consider before you buy a printer.

Multifunction Printers

Large-scale businesses require heavy-duty laser printers and commercial copiers to fulfill their daily quota. But small businesses don’t need an exclusive machine for faxing, copying, scanning, and printing. A multifunction printer with all-in-one features will suffice. Here are the pros and cons:


A multifunction printer saves time and space by combining the functions of multiple machines into one. You may have to pay a larger amount upfront for a multifunction printer than an ordinary one, but it saves money if you add up ink refills, toners, and maintenance costs. They also offer greater speed and efficiency in getting the job done.


Once your business and workforce start growing, you’ll need multiple machines or individual devices to manage the workload. One printer is at risk of getting malfunctioning if too many people are using it. If it breaks down, it can increase downtime and your business may incur significant losses.

Laser Printers

If you need to achieve both quality and quantity with one printer, a laser machine is the answer. It can manage day-to-day printing commands without buckling under pressure, handling a large volume of printouts without compromising quality. They’re great for printing graphics and diagrams for presentations and meetings. Let’s look at the pros and cons:


Laser printers minimize time with a speedy service. The print quality is sharp and professional, without any low-quality deformities. The ink refills are inexpensive and compensate for the high price. One laser cartridge yields a greater number of printouts than an inkjet printer.


Laser printers require a significant initial investment. You have to be particular about the paper quality and size you use because they have a recommended paper type. It’s not an appropriate machine for photo printing, so you might have to invest in a photo printer separately if need be.

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