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Telling a Brand Story with Digital Signage

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digital signage on a busy street

Digital signage is the new medium for modern-day storytelling. With dozens of businesses battling for customers’ attention, digital signs are a great way to attract the audience with highly targeted and personalized content that brings them to your brand.

Think about it: hundreds of potential customers walk past your business; if you were to captivate even a handful of these customers every day, you have yourself a successful business!

The best way to engage an audience is by building a connection with them via a brand story. By sharing your motivation and your passion behind your brand and how your offerings can benefit the users, you pull at your customers’ heartstrings and connect with them on a deeper level.

Let’s discuss how digital signage plays a contributory role in delivering a powerful brand story:

Create a Guided Tour of Your Brand

Instead of utilizing your digital screens for a hard sell, turn them into a narrative device. Chart the progress of your company using history reels and brand timelines. Talk about your values, giving the clients an insight into the kind of brand they’re investing in.

When depicting your brand’s journey, show them where you are and where you’re headed. Show them key milestones, the first location of your brand, the first team member you hired, the first charity event you supported. Acknowledge and feature the people who helped you get here. Just remember to keep it simple and real; authenticity always sells!

Interact With the Audience

Go one step beyond two-dimensional advertisements to create a powerful visual experience.

Digital signage can take several forms, such as holograms, mosaic canvases, images split across multiple planes, etc. These dynamic forms interact with the audience by moving and adapting to the way people explore places.

You can work with a design agency to create an attractive visual identity, complete with a customized color palette, stylistic look, logo and typography. Here’s an example of how GoPro generated powerful connections with the brand by leveraging a customer-provided video.

Choose an Appropriate Display

There are several ways to use digital signage to display different aspects of your brand. For instance, people love to listen to stories spoken out, so audio-focused displays are a great idea.

If an audio display is disruptive to the environment, use interactive displays to tell your brand story in an equally powerful manner. Interactive signs are perfect in places like waiting areas where you have the opportunity to keep the waiting audience engaged.

neonlight signage

Take Things to the Next Level with Smart Digital Signage

We can help you select the perfect technology to deliver a memorable and powerful visual experience. From conference room solutions to interactive displays and digital menus, we can help you with all the equipment required to deliver a head-turning brand story.

We also help you with all software and hardware needs, including print management software solutions and imaging products, such as all-in-one copiers, commercial printers, laser printers, etc.

Call us at 1.866.390.3956 for more information.

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