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3 Ways To Improve Your VOIP Strategy

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The use of voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems has skyrocketed over the last few years, especially during the global pandemic, as businesses find efficient ways of communicating with their clients. The global VoIP market amounted to USD 57.5 billion in 2019 and is predicted to hit $55 Billion by 2025.

VoIP’s proven technology lets businesses place an unlimited number of phone calls over the internet.

Although VoIP isn’t exactly a new concept—IP telephony has been around since the 90s—it’s only recently that the technology has evolved into a viable communication system and a great alternative to telephone systems.

However, not all businesses are aware of making the most of this all-inclusive business communication tool.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how businesses can improve their marketing strategy using VoIP:

1.     Targeting Geographical Locations

One of the biggest benefits of a VoIP system is that you can acquire a local number for anywhere in the country, which is extremely useful for sales and support teams. For instance, a company based in Southern Colorado can get a New York phone number via local IP.

Therefore, with VoIP, you’re no longer limited by geographical boundaries. This gives your company a greater local presence and allows you to reach out to more customers.

2.     Increase Conversions with Call Hunting

VoIP systems’ “call hunting” feature ensures your daily business communications with staff and customers remain unaffected when you’re working from home.

With VoIP phone service, you never miss out on customer inquiry calls because you can route those calls to any device with an internet connection.

Moreover, the call routing feature also allows you to transfer calls to relevant departments or attend meetings on-the-go.

3.     Set Up an Auto Attendant

Auto attendants automatically transfer callers to the desired extension/department without the intervention of a receptionist or an operator. The obvious benefit of setting up the auto attendant feature on your VoIP system is that your workforce doesn’t spend valuable time answering or directing calls.

Additionally, with an auto-attendant, you can customize the virtual receptionist to deliver important sales information while callers are engaged in a queue.  Similarly, directing potential customers to the right department facilitates lead nurturing. Furthermore, if you’re unable to attend a call, the feature allows callers to leave a message, which is then directly turned into an email transcript for you to review later.

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