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Digital Signage In 2021: 3 Emerging Trends To Keep In Mind

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To say that 2020 has been one heck of a year would be a gross understatement. We’ve seen a drastic change in how businesses operate globally, with businesses switching to home delivery, and entire staffs transitioning to working from home, and more.

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However, amongst all the chaos and fervor, the digital signage industry has been playing its role wonderfully. Last year, we witnessed the introduction of digital smart entrances and hand sanitizers. But what should we expect in 2021?

Well, let’s take a look…

Automated Content Creation

All over the globe, businesses and institutions are seeking ways to boost efficiency and speed up operations. Robots are now a common sight in warehouses and factories, self-checkouts have become prevalent in supermarkets, and we even have automated parking systems that’ll park your vehicle for you.

And, this automation mania has engulfed the digital signage industry as well. Digital signage scheduling that enables you to automate the appearance of content on your digital screen has been around for a while now. But what about the content itself?

Providers of digital signage solutions are working hard to make the digital signage experience as streamlined as possible. Last year, we saw users of digital signage utilize digital signage templates—a trend that’s bound to gain momentum over time.

So, what’s the gist? Well, with automated content creation, clever software allows users to sift through hundreds of templates, choose one, and edit information—such as company name—and display it on their digital boards.

Digital Product Catalogues

In light of the ongoing health crisis, retailers have been seeking solutions that reduce the physical contact customers have with products. Digital product catalogues have emerged as a viable solution. These will be placed at entrances, and customers can use them to add items they want and have it ready to be collected at the counter. After each use, the screens can be easily wiped down to eliminate germs.

Digital Wayfinding

This is one trend that we expect will explode in the near future. As companies and organizations grow in size, their premises become more difficult to navigate. For instance, some colleges and universities have thousands of rooms, which makes navigation arduous for new students and visitors.

While traditional static signage have performed admirably in the past, it becomes quickly outdated in today’s fast paced world. Digital wayfinders, however, offer much more. For instance, an interactive display can present specific instructions to the viewer in addition to the best route.

If you’re seeking cost-effective digital signage solutions for your business, get in touch with us at Axis Business technologies. We offer advanced projectors, AV equipment, and LED and LCD screens projectors, and AV equipment required to deliver head-turning images, presentations, and digital videos.

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