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The Top 3 Benefits Of Using Print Management Software

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In today’s corporate landscape, managing print infrastructures—from printing supplies to devices—   ranks amongst the most significant challenges for businesses. With some form of automation in place, it can be quite frustrating and time-consuming—and not to mention—can lead to a lot of unnecessary costs and wastage.

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This is where print management software comes in. It not only streamlines your printing processes which reduces costs significantly, but also frees up time so you can focus on the core operations of your business instead of managing your printer fleet.

The following are some key advantages of having a print management software.

Assessment Tools

Perhaps the most prominent advantage of print management software is that it can help businesses gain visibility into their current print spend and determine ways to slash costs. Now, there’s no way to reduce what you cannot measure. Print management software helps by offering assessment solutions, such as:

  • Physical auditing for the devices
  • Print volume assessment and analysis
  • Improving workflows through optimizing device distribution and placement

Enhanced Daily Management

Another way print management software helps you streamline your print infrastructures is by providing you’re 360-degrees visibility of your print environment and devices on a day-to-day basis. Some notable features you get include:

  • Automated print queue control that keeps projects going ahead at a steady rate.
  • Automated alerts when devices are in need of updates or maintenance, and advanced troubleshooting to manage problems as they crop up.
  • Automated alerts when consumables need to be replenished.

Better Security

Security breaches that occur during printing are a primary concern for enterprises. Sensitive data, such as salary information, confidential correspondence, and reports are left lying on paper in print trays, and often end up in the wrong hands.

These issues—plus various other vulnerabilities—can be easily addressed with print management software and the ‘Safe Print Release capabilities” it offers. When you have a print management software in place, there’s a multi-layered protection system that only allows devices to release prints after they’ve received authentication from authorized personnel. This prevents sensitive documents from being released prematurely into print trays, and keeps your company’s information safe. Looking for high-quality software solutions for print management? Here at Axis Business Technologies, we offer print management software such as MyQ, Papercut, Net Manager, and PRISM to Colorado Springs businesses. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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