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Top 3 Uses Of Digital Signage In The Healthcare Industry

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When it comes to the delivery of healthcare services, utilizing the latest tech is imperative for improving productivity, efficiency, and consequently, patient outcomes. And, of course, that involves having an efficient, streamlined communication infrastructure in place.

This is an area where digital signage can make a major difference. It can significantly reduce the staff’s burden, inevitably leading to enhanced focus on patient service and well-being.

digital signboard in a hospital

There are various ways digital signage can be used to enhance communications in practices, surgeries, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. The following are just a few of the best ones.

Streamlining The Check-In Process

One major area of concern for healthcare facilities, particularly in the ongoing global health crisis when they’re stretched thin constantly, is the patient check-in process. Digital signage solutions, such check-in digital kiosks and touchscreens, can help healthcare facilities automate the check-in process, thus negating the need for patients to wait in long lines. This also frees up precious tie for the reception staff; time which they can use to address phone calls and other pressing issues.

Internal Communications

Continuing with how digital signage solutions can lessen the burden on the staff, they can also go a long way in terms of enhancing and streamlining internal communications. When deployed in strategic points in a healthcare facility, such as staff rooms and hallways, digital screens can serve as noticeboards displaying staff shift timetables and other important information.

In surgeries and hospitals, staff shift timings are often erratic, with last-minute changes and reallocations being quite prevalent occurrences. Relaying this information in real-time through digital screens can be extremely useful.

Encouraging Hygiene

In healthcare facilities, maintaining the optimal level of hygiene has always been critical. However, in light of COVID-19, it’s more important than ever before. Therefore, frequently emphasizing the importance of social distancing and good hand hygiene to both staff and visitors alike is vital.

Digital signage screens can be used for constantly reinforcing the importance of following safety protocols by displaying social distancing adverts and messaging, and the latest healthcare guidelines and developments.

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