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Essential Computers & Network Solutions to Remain Competitive in 2021

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 3D image of monitors showing binary digits, illustrating the modern computer network.

If you manage a growing business, you might already know the importance of quality IT solutions for your company’s success.

Computing networks are the most crucial component of modern IT infrastructure for sharing various resources across the organization.

It’s critical to assess your business needs for setting up network systems according to your requirements to streamline business operations.

Here are essential computers and network solutions to remain competitive in 2021:

Reliable Servers

Servers are the most critical part of your IT infrastructure that allows you to manage, store, and process electronic data across the organization.

A robust server allows you to keep your sensitive information protected and provide remote access to employees, which are two main prerequisites to ensure operational efficiency and remain competitive.

You can add servers to your existing cloud infrastructure or use cloud servers to ensure seamless business operations.

You must consider several factors like data sensitivity, industry compliance, and volume of information to decide which option is more suitable for your organization.

Consult an IT professional to ensure your servers are safe and secure.

An image of blue Ethernet cables connected to a router.

Secured routers and switches

Routers are the foundation of modern business networks. They serve as a gateway to both the internet and other networks, allowing the information to flow seamlessly.

Routers ensure flexible cross-network communication across the company and keep your business wireless.

Switches play an important role in controlling and protecting internal information from external sources and allowing employees to communicate within the business network.

The need for routers and switches varies from one business to another.

Choosing the right solution may seem overwhelmingly technical; it’s best to work with your IT service provider to ensure the best results.

A 3D image of a lock representing cybersecurity.

Internal firewalls

Firewalls protect your computer network from cyber threats by blocking outside intrusion and unauthorized access to the system.

Internal firewalls monitor incoming and outgoing traffic. When an external program attempts to gain access, it’s blocked based upon defined cybersecurity rules.

Your service provider can help you determine your needs for perimeter and internal firewalls.

Specialized Computers & Network Solutions

Modern organizations heavily rely on computing technology to run daily operations. The IT systems comprise a combination of desktop and mobile devices.

The solutions mentioned above are necessary to ensure your electronic data is secure, backed up, and flow across multiple channels without any trouble.

At Axis Business Technologies, we understand the ever-evolving needs of modern organizations and provide reliable computers and network solutions in Colorado Springs.

Our professionals can design a secure in-house network to ensure maximum security and uptime. As your business grows, we ensure your technology grows with you.

Call 1.866.390.3956 or visit our website to get started

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