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5 Ways to Ensure Interactive Displays are Safe to Use During the Pandemic

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A man using a ticketing machine at a subway station

Even though different vaccines are available – and being administered as we speak – experts still recommend keeping up with safety measures such as wearing a mask, washing your hands frequently, and practicing social distancing.

One of the major points of concern ever since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic has been interactive displays and the risk in their usage.

You can find interactive displays on ATMs, self-service kiosks, and self-checkout counters at supermarkets all around you.

Since these displays are in constant use by the public, some measures can be taken to keep them safer for everyone, which are discussed below:

1. Disinfect Regularly

Touchscreens that are installed for public use should be cleaned and disinfected regularly.

This process needs to be thorough and should be conducted as frequently as possible. You can decide the frequency of disinfection based on the nature of your business and how frequently the touchscreen is used.

2. Get Your Customers Involved

In addition to regular cleaning and disinfection processes, you can also engage your customers through your safety protocols.

Help put your customers’ minds at ease by providing antibacterial wipes and encouraging them to wipe down the screen before use. They’re likely to feel safer and more comfortable using a display if they know they cleaned it themselves.

3. Out with the Old

Older machines often come with physical buttons that are improperly designed and cannot be thoroughly disinfected as a result.

Instead of leaving them be to collect dirt and germs, replace such machines with newer models that provide full functionality through the display itself. These newer machines eliminate the need for physical buttons, reducing the risk of bacteria accumulation.

4. In with the New

Another advantage of investing in newer displays is that most of them can be operated with gloved hands. Many people are opting to wear gloves in public, in addition to face coverings and other protective equipment.

By creating an additional layer of safety, newer models allow your customers to keep their gloves on for hassle-free usage.

5. Consider Coatings

Along with anti-glare coating, screens with special antimicrobial and antiviral coatings are also available in the market.

Such screens can boost hygiene and make your screens safer for use. Interactive displays are available in a variety of sizes and can be used to perform a wide range of tasks. Working with an interactive display provider, not only can you find the best display for your needs, but also the best ways to keep it safe for you and your customers.

A woman using an older ATM while wearing gloves

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