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The Importance of Cloud Computing for Small Businesses

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Person using cloud computing for document management

Cloud computing is an on-demand technology solution where data and information can be stored on physical or virtual servers without requiring active management by the user. A whopping 94% of businesses are already adopting at least one cloud service for their business operations. Here’re five key reasons why small businesses should make the transition to the cloud.

Remote Collaboration On The Fly

One of the tried and true advantages of embracing cloud computing is to be able to collaborate with people from across the world. Whether you’re working with a brand designer in Toronto or an accountant in New York, cloud computing allows people to work on key business operations on the fly. Many industries like advertising and banking use cloud computing services, and now with the ongoing pandemic, the education industry has embraced it as well. A technology specialist can set up a cloud-based SaaS for your small business to allow remote workers to carry out business operations during the pandemic.

Data Backup All Year Round

Cloud computing revolutionized document management by introducing cloud storage to the masses. Businesses can digitize hundreds of physical files and back them up on the cloud. This allows small businesses to minimize paper clutter and free up their once occupied office space. On the other hand, businesses must have a solid data backup solution to allow them to access any past files when needed. From old tax receipts to supplier contracts, keeping all business documents on the cloud can prove valuable in due time.

Small business doing data recovery

Data Recovery To The Rescue

Data recovery is an essential part of a business continuity plan in the event of a disaster. Whether a natural calamity has flooded out your office or a cyber hacker wiped out your computers, a data recovery solution can save your businesses from shutting down. In fact, 60% of small businesses shut down within 6 months of data loss and having a disaster recovery plan ensures that your operations keep running in the event of a data disaster. Our technology solutions team can guide you on the right cloud solution for your enterprise.

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