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Using Pop and Color to Draw Attention to Your Brand

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Branding is on the rise as new generations love to purchase from companies that have a personality. Visual identity plays a big role in the branding of a company; it comprises typography, design, graphics, colors and other visual elements to attract new customers. Color is a core part of a brand’s visual identity and statistics show that it increases brand recognition by up to 80%. Here’s all you need to know about colors in branded printing materials.

Color Psychology And Branding

Colors create a perceived aura about a particular brand in your mind. The right colors and color combinations can help you garner attention while poor choices can distort your brand’s message. Every color evokes a different emotion; you should decide on a color scheme that delivers your message and evokes positive emotions.

The color blue exudes calmness, peace, openness, responsibility, stability and trust. Hence, financial and tech giants like Intel, Barclays, Facebook, Dell, Samsung, Paypal and many others use blue. Green is associated with wealth, health, growth, environment, and good luck and works well with environmentally conscious organizations. Red, orange and yellow evoke excitement, passion, playfulness, youth, energy and optimism and are extensively used by fast-food brands such as McDonald’s and KFC.

Pink evokes femininity, care, innocence and works well with personal care brands. Black and white stand for professionalism, sophistication and modernism and work well with luxury brands like Mercedes.

Color swatch for a commercial printer

Use Of Colors in Printing Materials

A study by Xerox revealed that 90% of people believe that they can remember colored documents better than black and white documents. In order to nail your branding in printing materials, you should know graphic design and print principles, especially on the use of colors. Furthermore, monitors and printers operate on different color spaces; RGB and CMYK respectively. Always make the necessary changes to ensure that brand colors look cohesive all across the board. Y

ou can use big bold fonts and contrasting colors to make a statement such as a sale or new product and grab the consumers’ attention. Furthermore, amplify your brand visuals to label and packaging which helps customize the unboxing experience. Your firm can leverage commercial color printers to print color-coded company documents and marketing materials that pop and attract new and existing audiences. We provide industry-standard commercial color printers that can print eye-catching brochures, flyers, product catalogs and magazines.

Axis Business Technologies is a reliable, trusted provider of business technology hardware and software solutions. We’ve been in the industry for 40 years and have amassed a wealth of knowledge on commercial printers, color laser printers, digital color copiers and other technology solutions. We work with industry-leading printing manufacturers such as Formax, Xerox, HP and many more to deliver reliable prints every time. Check out our printer catalog for more information.

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