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What Is VoIP And How Can It Benefit Your Business

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A old-school telephone

The pandemic has forced several businesses to have their employees working from home, thus begging the question: how to get the most productivity out of everyone when they aren’t in the office.

One of the most basic functions in any office is picking up the phone when a client calls and guiding them towards the right decisions. But how can a client reach your employees when they’re working from home? VoIP is the answer:

What is VoIP?

VoIP is short for voice over internet protocol. It’s a way for your client to be able to call on your office landline number, even when no one is actually in the office. VoIP uses the internet to reroute the call to wherever your employees happen to be.

Here’s how VoIP can benefit your business:

1.      Fewer Costs

While the number of people using traditional phones has reduced, customers and clients still commonly use your office’s landline number to get in touch. The more phone lines you have in the office, the more it costs, especially if you’re making long-distance calls.

However, with VoIP, those costs can be controlled because it works on the basis of your internet connection, and you’re not charged for every single call, just the monthly VoIP package you’ve signed up for.

2.      Can Be Used From Anywhere

Today, a lot of organizations are offering their employees the option to work from home permanently. This means that the entire workforce could be in different locations, potentially complicating the ways clients can reach them.

But VoIP allows people to have access to a phone number from anywhere. That means that regardless of where the employee is physically located, they can receive calls from customers.

This also means that companies don’t have to hire people from nearby locations anymore, nor do they have to ask employees to move; they can hire people worldwide.

3.      Convenient and Reliable

VoIP allows calls to be forwarded to your employee’s phone or other internet-enabled devices. So your employee can roam around their house or be out on a field visit and still be able to answer when a client calls on the office number.

This also means that if their office phones stop working, they can continue to be in touch via their smartphones. Also, anyone can be added to the network with ease, eliminating the need to send over technicians to install phone wires around their house.

4.      Added Features

Employees no longer have to fiddle around with outdated phone systems to do basic functions. VoIP devices and networks come with features that allow them to use the internet and modern technology for their work. Here’s how:

  • Employees can use caller ID to detect who’s calling and prepare accordingly
  • Employees can send out messages and voicemails as needed
  • The VoIP system can transcribe their calls into documents if needed.
A WFH set-up

If you want to make the work-from-home lives of your employees easier, get in touch with Axis Business Technologies.

We work with providers such as Crexendo and GoldFax to bring our customers the best-suited office communication solutions for them.

We also provide office equipment and solutions such as multifunction copiers, color copy machines, digital copy machines, and print management software to our clients.

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