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5 Office Equipment Your Business Needs in 2021

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There’s no denying that the advances in technology can simplify business operations, allowing companies to scale further. It provides a myriad of advantages, such as worldwide access to information and remote collaboration. Here are five pieces of office equipment your business should have to maximize efficiency.

Industry-Standard Computers and Network Solutions

Efficient computers are essential for businesses to operate smoothly as most tasks like communications and development are carried out on digital platforms. Network solutions enable businesses to communicate within the company, allowing you to keep your internal information secure. We offer up-to-date computers and network solutions for your business.

Commercial Printer and Print Management Software Solutions

In a survey, over 50% of participants reported that their office printers were outdated, and they quickly run out of paper supplies, which affects their productivity. Quality commercial printers and print management software solutions can help your business increase operational efficiency while reducing paper waste.

Data Backup and Data Recovery

With so many digital documents and files containing valuable information on employees, suppliers, and customers, it’s critical for businesses to back up their data on a secure server. It’s reported that 75% of small businesses don’t have a data recovery plan in place, potentially leading to permanent closure. Our data recovery systems ensure that your business can recover its data in the event of data loss to allow your business to continue operations.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is seeing a rise in recent years as businesses are using the technology for information delivery to internal and external stakeholders. With cloud-based connectivity, businesses can display presentations and reports to investors as well as adverts and announcements to target audiences. We’ve partnered up with Samsung to deliver world-class digital signage solutions for your business.

Unified Communications

Communication is the backbone of conducting business operations smoothly without any misinterpretations and interruptions. A VoIP solution works by connecting calls from a toll-free number, local number and international number through the internet. Unified communications allow employees and customers to content with the organization without costing a fortune in landline phone bills.

Axis Business Technologies is a reputable business technology provider based in Colorado Springs. We’ve been in business for over 40 years and are committed to improving the workplace experience with hardware and software solutions to maximize your business efficiency. Contact us now for any inquiries you may have!

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