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6 Steps Every Business Should Take To Protect Itself From Ransomware

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Ransomware attacks have gotten increasingly common over the past several years, with an attack happening every 11 seconds. However, even if a company can bear the monetary loss, the damage to its reputation is enough to cripple it for good.

In this increasingly volatile situation, how can companies protect themselves from such threats? Well, here are some of the steps every business should be taking:

1.      Don’t Pay

While it might be tempting to pay the ransom and be done with it, you shouldn’t trust the words of criminals. Who’s to say that you’ll even get your data back or that your systems won’t be breached by the same people again.

The US Treasury Department has stated that anyone who pays ransom can end up facing hefty fines. So not only will your business be out of money, but it’ll also fall out of the good graces of the US government.

2.      Back-Up Your Data

You have to work with an IT services provider to get high-quality storage solutions for your data. If you back up your data every day, you can restore the data as soon as the attack has happened, thus ensuring that the workflow doesn’t stop.

Additionally, you should back up your critical data offline so that the hackers cannot reach it. Even if the rest of your data gets stolen, at least the most sensitive files will be protected.

3.      Don’t Open Every Email

Emails are amongst the most common methods used by hackers. Phishing practices have gotten so sophisticated that even your most tech-savvy employee may get tricked by an email.

There are a few things you can do in these situations:

  • Install software to scan every email you receive to learn whether it’s malicious
  • Train your employees on ways to detect malicious emails
  • Call the company that sent the mail and confirm that they’ve emailed you (using the number you got off their website)

4.      Install A Firewall

A firewall is the first line of defense for your network, as it can hold the ransomware attack while your team plans to respond. Work with an IT consultant to decide the best firewall software for your system that falls within your budget, and get it installed on all of your devices.

5.      Train Your Staff

Your staff processes all the data and is responsible for the day-to-day office activities. If your security has been breached, it’s probably due to something they unknowingly did.

Taking your employees through the dangers of data breaches and ransomware is essential because their actions play a big part in your data’s security.

6.      Have A Recovery Plan

Operate with the assumption that you will have to face security threats someday and that you’ll have to move quickly and efficiently in order to come out with as little damage as possible.

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If you’re looking for a partner to help you figure all this out, get in touch with us at Axis Business Technologies. We’re an IT services company, and we work with organizations, such as Datto, to provide you with the hardware and software you need to weather a ransomware attack.

Some of our other services include providing office supplies and equipment such as multifunction copiers, business laser printers, VoIP services, and digital signage devices.

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