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A Closer Look at SaaS Print Management

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SaaS seems to be the prime solution for a lot of organizational functions such as CRM and Finance—but what about print management? Learn more.

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The events of 2020 have been an important lesson in organizational agility and employee flexibility. It comes as no surprise then that we’ve seen an uptick of requests from customers looking for software as a service (SaaS).

The SaaS model allows businesses to access desired applications over the internet without having to go through the trouble of installing complex software and maintaining hardware on-premise.

Research shows that 80% of surveyed businesses were already using at least one SaaS solution but at the start of the decade, about 75% anticipated adopting full-scale SaaS solutions.

Advantages of SaaS

The SaaS model offers some excellent advantages, including:

  • Faster deployment times even in cases of large-scale implementations
  • Feature sets can be tailored to provide optimized user experiences
  • Continuous upgrades and management by the SaaS vendor

SaaS for Enterprise Printing

SaaS seems to be the prime solution for a lot of organizational functions such as CRM and Finance—but what about print management? Unfortunately, many people continue to think of printing processes in terms of legacy infrastructure and the assumption is that it doesn’t work well with the SaaS model.

In truth, enterprise printing can benefit the most from SaaS print management and cloud-based print management. You can enjoy rapid deployment, lower upfront costs, and better scalability within your organization. Plus, you manage the entire print environment from anywhere.

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SaaS Print Management and Business Continuity

Businesses around the world have opted for SaaS solutions because they are cost-effective and promote long-term agility. Some great features that promote business continuity include:

  • Touchless printing. Touchless printing allows users to print by simply swiping a card and the print job is ready.
  • Self-service installation portal. Install the printer software on your device with ease. You no longer have to send your device to IT for them to install the printer.
  • Mobile printing. Native printing with Android and iOS devices is fully supported with intuitive and convenient solutions.
  • Reporting capabilities. Printing administration is easier when you can track costs and printing habits.

Email to print. Remote employees can often run into trouble when they send a print job to the office.

Axis Business Technologies is your partner in cutting-edge print management. We provide print management services that can help you reduce costs, minimize wastage, and ensure better print security. We also offer all the essential hardware you need to set up your business, including computers and commercial color laser printer. Enjoy flexible options for lease, rent, or purchase of digital systems from leading manufacturers like Konica Minolta, Kyocera, and HP.

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