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A Comprehensive Guide to Managed Print Services

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Managed Print Services are becoming increasingly popular, largely because of the benefits they offer to small and large businesses alike. Here’s a brief guide:

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There’s no shortage of reasons for your business to consider getting the assistance of a Managed Print Services. However, before you can decide whether to get one or not, it’s important to understand what it is and how it can benefit your organization.

Managed Print Service: What Is It?

Managed Print Service, MPS for short, is an agreement between a business and a provider. The Managed Print provider typically delivers print equipment as well as supplies like toner cartridges on a lease or purchase.

However, it differs from a typical purchase because it also includes a service agreement which includes installing and connecting the equipment to your business network and performing routine maintenance and required repairs throughout the term of the contract.

What sets a good Managed Print provider apart from the crowd is that they’ll go beyond just giving you the equipment. Instead, they’ll assess your existing equipment to analyze the usage by your team. Moreover, they’ll study how your printer suppliers are stocked and the lifespan of all equipment.

Furthermore, user training, ensuring proper security protocols are included, and optimizing workflows all through your organization, are also services you can expect from a good Managed Print provider.

Managed Print Service: The Benefits

If you implement Managed Print in your business, you can expect to see the following short-term and long-term benefits:

Increase in Productivity

Considering that 50% of all help desk calls are related to printer issues, it’s not hard to imagine the productivity issues that occur due to the printer not working as it’s supposed to. The issues posed by older equipment, such as paper jams and faulty prints or scans, can be quite annoying.

Managed print service can help you increase employee productivity and ensure a smooth office operation.

Improved Focus on Strategic Functions

Let’s face it, in 2021, printer issues should be at the very end of the list of problems your company has to tackle. Printer issues can detract you from regular responsibilities, and managed print service allows you to focus on your business’s strategic functions.

Cost Savings

This one is obvious and should be on top of the list, but you can imagine how cost-effective it would be to get managed print service. MPS can reduce your operating cost by as much as 30%.

To break it down, MPS reduces hardware cost by 25 to 60%, 10 to 15% reduction in wasted output, and a 30% reduction in energy consumption. Moreover, it also leads to a 20% reduction in toner consumption.

Enhanced Security

Network printers need the same level of security as other devices on the network, including regular software updates and password locks. MPS helps improve the security of your print network drastically so your printers don’t become entry points for hackers.

MPS helps improve printer security

Get Managed Print Service in Colorado Springs

 All in all, it makes sense to switch to a MPS considering the obvious benefits you can get. If you’re looking for Managed Print Services in Colorado Springs, we at Axis Business Technologies are here to serve you.

As an authorized MPS dealer for HP in Southern Colorado, we offer Print Management Software Solutions and everything print-related from hardware and software to supplies and additional services. Contact us now to learn more about how we can help your business.

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