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Best Practices in Print Management

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Printers and copiers are an essential component of the modern workplace. However, many organizations run into issues with efficiency, wastage, and costs. Learn more.

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Printers and copiers are an essential component of the modern workplace. However, many organizations run into issues with efficiency, wastage, and costs. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at some best practices in print management.

Best practice printing and print management

Best practice printing is all about taking proactive steps to manage the print process in order to optimize it. The end result is reduced cost, less waste, and improved availability and functionality of print jobs.

Before you print

Before you print your documents, it’s important to consider alternatives. Encourage a culture among employees that encourages less use of paper. Here are some alternatives:

  • Share and edit wok via online documents on Drive
  • Using digital signage or multimedia options to display your message
  • Emailing documents of web links to yourself for later viewing
  • Taking photos or screenshots of information

When you print

The standard for any printed document is single-spaced, double-sided print in 75-80gsm environmentally preferable paper. Other techniques to reduce paper wastage include:

  • Using draft mode prints for internal copies or working documents
  • Using narrow margins on the paper
  • Print multiples pages on one sheet
  • Preview document before printing to ensure there aren’t any unnecessary pages
a woman using an office printer and copier

Buy or Lease a Printer

Depending on your consumption needs, you can look into leasing or renting a printer for use. Buying a printer can be more cost-effective if your organization requires a lot of printing work. However, the upfront costs are higher.

Leasing or renting means you have monthly expenses and no down payment. Plus, when the lease or rental agreement is over, you can always lease newer models that are faster and more efficient. The downside is that it can be more expensive in the long run. Either way, review your usage and budget before choosing the best printer for small business.

Choose a print management software

Print management software like PaperCut can help you streamline all your paper management needs. It comes with pre-built filters that can encourage double-sided printing, fix simple issues like removing jobs, and give you real-time visibility regarding print usage.

Axis Business Technologies is your partner in cutting-edge print management. We provide print management services that can help you reduce costs, minimize wastage, and ensure better print security. We also offer all the essential hardware you need to set up your business, including computers and commercial printers. Enjoy flexible options for lease, rent, or purchase of digital systems from leading manufacturers like Konica Minolta, Kyocera, and HP.

For more information about our services, contact us today.

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