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Top 3 Uses of Digital Signage for Job Centers

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Here are some practical ways in which you can implement digital signage for improved operations and enhanced customer satisfaction.

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Job centers around the country help connect people with the right organizations every single day. Along with faster job search solutions, digital signage is the key to helping rejuvenate and modernize these sites. These developments can create a friendly and efficient environment that helps people feel more welcome.

Here are some practical ways in which you can implement digital signage for improved operations and enhanced customer satisfaction.

#1. Digital signage in the waiting area

Going to a job center and waiting for the appointment can be unnerving. Digital signage in the waiting area can help reduce some of that anxiety by displaying appointment numbers and estimated times for upcoming appointments.

You can also use these screens to display engaging multimedia content such as videos and social media content to hold attention while customers wait.

#2. Check-in with digital kiosks

Having to wait in long queues or being redirected from one helpdesk to another can be agonizing for a job seeker. A digital kiosk set up at the entrance can eliminate this hassle by directing the person towards the right waiting area and helpdesk. This can save time for the customers as well as the staff.

At the same time, these kiosks can also become informational hubs for customers. Customers can get answers to FAQs and learn about any documents needed for the job search to further speed up the process when they get to the helpdesk. You can also use the kiosks to gather more information about your service via surveys and questionnaires.

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#3. Digital Job Advertising Screens

A job center advertises many jobs on a routine basis. Having to design and put up new posters each time is time-consuming and wasteful. Multimedia screens can change digital content as frequently as needed. Any time, there’s a new job opening that needs to be advertised, it just needs to be displayed on the screen.

At the same time, the job center can also promote its own services, such as training programs, income support, and new work placement programs. All of this, using an interactive digital medium that’s bound to gain more eyeballs than static posters.

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