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How to Reduce Paper Usage in the Workplace

stacks of paper in the office
Modern print management practices can help support your organization’s growing needs and help you minimize paper wastage.

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Paper waste continues to be a persistent operational cost even in the modern office. Despite having access to cloud storage, mobile-first communication, and enterprise digital content management, the need for paper and print is still relevant.

However, this doesn’t mean you should think of print management as part of legacy infrastructure. On the contrary, modern print management practices can help support your organization’s growing needs and help you minimize paper wastage. Let’s take some essential tips that should be part of your company’s print policy.

1. Give Dual Monitors

At first glance, it may seem costlier to give certain employees dual monitors, but that might not be the case in the long run. Dual monitors allow users to process data faster and make it much easier to transfer data manually than via paper. One study by Dell uncovered that dual monitors can enhance user satisfaction and boost productivity. 

2. Implement Double-Sided Printing

One of the easiest ways to reduce printing is through the use of double-sided printers which effectively cut the number of sheets used in half. But telling your employees is only half the equation; you also need to make sure you have a powerful commercial printer that can support automated double-sided printing.

a person inserting paper into the printer tray

3. Use modern printers and copiers

While you may be tempted to buy older printers because they come with lower upfront costs, they are a major obstacle when it comes to maintenance and executing sustainable print practices. Modern all in one copier and printers are designed to reduce paper wastage with optical character recognition, scan-to-cloud functionality, and more.

4. Print Management Software

Print management software like PaperCut can help you streamline all your paper management needs. It comes with pre-built filters that can encourage double-sided printing, fix simple issues like removing jobs, and get real-time reports about print usage. You no longer have to chase down answers when you have complete print visibility.

Axis Business Technologies is your partner in cutting-edge print management. We provide print management services that can help you reduce costs, minimize wastage, and ensure better print security. We also offer all the essential hardware you need to set up your business, including computers and commercial printers. Enjoy flexible options for lease, rent, or purchase of digital systems from leading manufacturers like Konica Minolta, Kyocera, and HP.

For more information about our services, contact us today.

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