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3 Common Network Security Problems with Solutions

Network security issues can expose your business to cybersecurity threats
Network security issues can leave your business vulnerable to ever-increasing cybersecurity threats. Here are some common network security problems and their fixes.

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Businesses today are facing more IT threats than ever. The rise in online attacks in the US is a good example of how companies in the US, as well as individuals and even the government, are exposed to cyber intrusions.

Considering the rise in cybersecurity threats, it’s high time that small to medium-sized businesses reevaluate their cybersecurity strategy and deal with network security problems.

Businesses must deal with these problems appropriately, which is why this blog will deal with the most common network security issues and their solutions.

1.    Unknown Assets on the Business Network

For small businesses, one of the most common problems is the presence of unknown assets on their network. Not every business takes extra care and compiles an inventory of the IT assets present on their network. This greatly compromises network security and exposes the company to a multitude of threats.

The Solution

Thankfully, this one has an easy fix, which is to conduct a thorough review of all the devices present on the network and identify all the platforms they’re running. This will help you understand the different access points on your network and identify the need for security updates as well.

2.    User Account Privilege Abuse

Harvard Business Review reports that 60% of all cyberattacks involve insiders. This doesn’t necessarily mean intentional misuse of account privileges but can often result from honest mistakes. Some examples include losing a work device or sending info to the wrong email addresses.

Moreover, businesses are also vulnerable to identity theft due to phishing campaigns as well as other social engineering attacks that can compromise valuable and private company data.

The Solution

Since these threats arise from trusted users, they are also among the hardest to stop. However, there are several ways of minimizing the risks, such as POLP, aka the principle of least privilege. POLP limits user access to sensitive systems and databases, so not every employee is vulnerable. 

In-house network server for a small business

3.    Unpatched Security Vulnerabilities

“Zero-day” exploits are a common network security concern for many businesses. These exploits are defined as those unknown issues that can occur with security in programs and systems that haven’t been used against anyone.

However, a bigger problem is unpatched known vulnerabilities in the security system. In fact, known vulnerabilities are more likely to be targeted, and sometimes vulnerabilities as old as one or two decades old are exploited.

The Solution

The easiest fix is to ensure regular scheduling of security patches and gradually changing operating systems to make them all the same. Keeping track of security patches and installing them can be easier if all your network devices are on the same operating system, be it Windows, Mac, or Linux.

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In short, keeping your network security up to date is crucial, and a large part of that is ensuring your network hardware is up-to-date. Axis Business Technologies offers you a mobile, secure, and efficient in-house network with its computers and network solutions in Colorado Springs.

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