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4 Tips to Secure Your Servers

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A lot of companies face data breaches because of unsecured servers. Want to know how to keep them secure? Here are some tips to achieve that.

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Servers are the pillars of any enterprise. They are utilized for computation, but they also supply data and information to client computers in a network.  Servers play an important role in any organization, making them a primary target for hackers trying to steal data so they could blackmail the company into paying them a ransom.

Any business that has a fragile or vulnerable server is asking for trouble. A hacker can easily take advantage of its flaws and gain access to your data. As a result, cyber-attacks such as malware and Trojan horse can be launched, which may require a considerable amount of money to be fixed. Let’s take a look at some tips on how you can keep your servers secured.

1.    Get SSL Certificates

The SSL or secure socket layer is a security technology that secures information being shared against third parties. SSL encrypts sensitive data, such as bank details and IDs, to not be accessed while in transit. In addition to verifying encrypted data, this also helps establish user authority on your server. If you don’t have an SSL certificate, hackers can simply access your server.

2.    Invest in An Effective Firewall System

Firewalls are systems that monitor and block access to private network computers from the Internet. Using this tool, you’ll be able to determine whether or not your server has been infiltrated. Another benefit of using a firewall is that it prevents trojan horses and hackers from infiltrating your system.

Free firewalls can easily be hacked, so don’t download them. Purchase a high-quality, well-known application to ensure your server’s utmost safety.

3.    Don’t Download Unwanted Software

Remove any unwanted software from your server if you wish to reduce the risk of a hacker attack on it. It is always recommended to just download and manage the software required to operate the server. Not only is it better to delete any unnecessary programs, but it’s also more efficient to do so than to keep them installed.

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4.    Make A Practice of Backing Up Data

Having all of your valuable data stolen is the worst possible outcome of a hack. You should always have a plan to protect your data against loss and restore it quickly in the event of a disaster. Backing up company data and information, especially using a cloud service, can help you avoid having to deal with the stress of losing important business data.

That’s why investing in a data recovery application is important, as it can help organizations deal with this problem.

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