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Hardware and Software Needed to Set Up a Local Office Server

The main server of an office

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Having a reliable and fast office server can save a lot of time and also help with business communication. Installing a company-wide server is always a huge step up from the traditional methods of exchanging information.

However, setting up the server is a step-by-step process that requires a lot of different types of equipment such as screens, network connections, laser printers, and routers. There are even more things that are needed, which are mentioned below.


The most important thing for setting up a server is to get a strong computer. You don’t have to completely break the bank to set up the computer but try to figure out the size of your server to get a suitable computer that can withstand the data without crashing all the time. Though, find a computer that has enough potential to let you expand in the future.


Your server will also need Ethernet Cards (also known as a network interface card NIC), which must be compatible with your operating system. However, most of the more prominent brands, such as 3Com and D-Link, provide cards compatible with almost all the operating systems.


A room for a data server

Another important thing to set up an office server is to get routers that will connect all the computers into one system using ethernet cables. There isn’t a lot of thinking you need to do to get a router as most of them fulfill the necessary needs, but it’s best to get routers with maximum ethernet ports.


Storage is one of the key requirements of having an office network server. There is a lot of data being stored daily, and you need to have enough storage to record it while also having a backup option. That’s because storage devices usually are the most component of a computer server, and there are chances of them malfunctioning. So, you need to be prepared to restore all your data if something like that happens.

An Operating System

There are many different operating systems you can choose from to set up your local server with. We will give you an option to choose the one you feel is more beneficial for you and your employees. Some of the options include Ubuntu, Microsoft, and Fedora.

In our opinion, rather than spending so much time getting all the equipment and setting them up, you can contact us to help set up a local server for you. We are a business solutions company in Colorado Springs that will discuss what’s best for your business and recommend the best setup.

We will create a whole ecosystem for your business that will even link laser printers and Konica Minolta copiers Colorado Springs so you can send prints from anywhere in the office. So, contact us to get a free quote for the setup or visit our website to read more about our services.

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