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How to Build a Computer Network for Your Office


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Think about this; to get any work done as a team, you need to talk or communicate with your co-workers. So you decide to get up and walk over to their desk to share whatever idea you have just had.

Then you walk back and continue with the job at hand.

In the same way, your computer needs to communicate with other devices around the office. And now, even with a home office. And that is why you need computer networking solutions so that all office devices can communicate with each other.

A computer network is a data network that allows communication between devices from workstations and printers through modems and routers.

Now you might need a computer network for different reasons.

That’s the first step in knowing where to start and how to build a computer network.

 1. Assess your needs: 

Every office based on the work has a different priority. Financial analysts prefer data and security. Designers and engineering workers prefer efficiency and operations.

And that is why knowing what you want to get out of your computer network for your office and making sure it aligns with your business objectives is the first step.


2. Selecting the Right Devices 

Once you know what the goal is: security, operations, or efficiency, the next step is to select the right devices.

A simple computer network for your office consists of

  1. Workstations
  2. Mobile devices
  3. servers
  4. Routers
  5. Firewalls

We use these to create a secure in-house network. You also need to know the number of devices connected to your network, and that task is not always simple. That’s because there are other devices like VoIP phone systems and IP cameras that are also on the network.

The need for guest users also needs to be considered depending on the nature of the business. If your office has a guest wi-fi requirement, you will need to create a separate SSIF for the guests.

 3. Setting it up

The simplest way to connect two computers is through a network cable. But within an office with multiple computers all-in-one printers—the task can get tricky. For this, you could either learn how to set up a router, connect different types of hubs and switches, or use cross-over cables.

And then, of course, set up a firewall.

Or here is what you could do.

You could contact us to help you in a jiffy. We at Axis Business Technologies will not only help you assess your needs but will help you install the right technology.

We also understand that business by nature is ever-evolving, and your needs will change with time. That’s why we ensure that as you grow, your technology grows with you.

Get in touch to learn more about the services we offer, ad let us help you find the right solution for your business needs.

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