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How to Optimize Communication in Your Office

Children whispering

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If the game of Chinese whispers has proved anything, one small error can change the meaning of an entire message.

Here’s how the game is placed. Around 30-40 children are asked to sit in a line or circle in a room. The child sitting on one end of the line whispers a message in the child sitting next to them. That second child will now whisper the message to the child on his right.

And so on.

The last child in the line will then stand up and repeat what they were told.

And that is when the entire room bursts into laughter.

The first child is amused and confused because what they said is, in most cases, completely different from what the last child has heard.

Sure, it’s all fun and games with a bunch of school-age children, but in business, miscommunication due to unoptimized communication channels can get be quite damaging as well as frustrating. It could result in a loss of sales and customers.

It can also create feelings of mistrust and result in a toxic work environment.

That’s why we suggest optimizing communication in your office. Here’s how:

Woman working from remote office

1. Business technology that makes communication in the office more effective

Collaboration is critical when it comes to business. It’s easy when everyone’s in the same spot, but in today’s world, with interest in remote work rising by 360% and business spread out over large areas, countries, and even continents, collaboration can get tricky.

But Unified Communications as a Service (‘UCaaS’) is the technology that caters to your needs.

It is perfect for the new hybrid business. Communication model with workers working from other countries or even from their homes


2. Crexendo VoIP Solutions

It could look quite unprofessional if you had a different number listed for all your employees. Asking a customer or client to try a direct cell can also be quite tricky.

This is where the Crexendo VoIP solution comes in. It allows you to route phone calls through the internet via a toll-free number, local number, or a phone number outside of Southern Colorado.

That means the employees working remotely can receive the call as they work. This improves functionality by allowing employees to accept office calls from anywhere with an internet connection.

An added benefit: It won’t burn a hole in the company accounts.


 3. Gold Fax eFax Solutions: 

Beep-Boop-Beep. Bham. Crunch!

That’s the sound of your old, slow fax machine dying after it failed to work- again.

But faxing is alive, well, and prospering. Its popularity is growing, which is why we now have eFax solutions!

Faxing without the frustrations of the old fax machine.

These provide convenience and efficiency, even if your business has internal fax machines.

Getting up from your desk just to send and receive the fax can get quite distracting and, of course, irritating, If that isn’t enough for you to consider the eFax, think about this. The eFax results in fewer misplaced faxes, less money spent on shipping documents to and from, and a secure electronic database of all signed documents.

It gets better. The eFax lets you Send, fill out, sign, and return printed or electronically signed documents in a secure eFax setting—from anywhere with an internet connection.

It’s a win-win. And you can connect with us to be a part of this win.

Axis Business Technologies is a locally-owned company in Southern Colorado that offers technical expertise and hardware and software solutions to businesses.

From document and print software solutions to digital imaging technologies like multifunction printers and all in one copiers, they provide end-to-end solutions to organizations to help equip their systems for modern challenges.

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