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Why Does Your Office Need a Specialty Colored Printer?

Printing colorful images using a laser printer

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Whether you own a restaurant or a brokerage business several documents require colored printing. Many businesses prefer to outsource this task so that they don’t have to invest in a specialty colored printer. What business owners don’t realize is that they can reduce operational costs significantly by completing all colored jobs in-house. Read more to learn about the significance of owning a colored printer.


The initial price of buying a laser color printer has decreased considerably over the years, bringing them in much the same price bracket as many higher-end inkjet printers. The replacement toner cartridges have become the source of the pricing discrepancy. Color laser printer toner cartridges are more expensive than color inkjet printer ink cartridges, but the cost per page for a color laser printer is substantially lower because the cartridge will print several more documents than an inkjet unit. The precise numbers differ, but a laser cartridge normally prints over 1,500 pages, whereas an inkjet cartridge usually prints a little more than 150 pages.

In-house color printing will save you more money as you will not have committed the work out to a third party. Businesses will be able to print at their own pace and as per their requirements.

Fewer Ink Smears

Inkjet printers require changes in cartridges quite often as they can run out of ink at a very fast speed. When the cartridge is changed it needs to be properly cleaned and aligned to receive accurate printing results. If this does not happen prints might be smeared all over the paper. Documents that are smudged and smeared with ink look very unprofessional and shoddy. Laser printers use static electricity to print information or images. This fuses the ink to the paper using heat, which gives clarity to the printed material.

Great for Prototypes

Businesses that are always innovating and producing new or improved products for their customers spend big on printing product labels and stickers. These prototypes are usually printed from a professional printing firm but the task could easily be performed using an in-house printer. This lets the business run through trial and error without having to incur additional costs.

Vivid Imagery

Businesses that are affiliated with the service industry such as salons, restaurants, and wellness centers usually commission their specialty color printing to third-party companies. These companies typically charge more for per page printing and you usually do not even get the desired results. Owning a specialty color printer can help service industry businesses create aesthetically pleasing menus and flyers for their clients. Colored prints make the brand stand out and can potentially bring in more customers.

Customer reading a colorful printed menu

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