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Things to Look for In a Scanner

a woman using a scanner

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If you work in a high-paced work environment or juggle numerous documents daily, you need a scanner no matter what.

Considered excellent devices to limit the use of excess paper, scanners are used in homes, offices, and other commercial enterprises. About their many uses in the domestic and business fields, the scanner and printer market has skyrocketed to become an industry of a whopping 3860.5 million U.S. Dollars.

Best printers and scanners for small businesses should be economical and offer the best value for your money. Invest in exceptional printing and scanning products available with reputed business technology solution providers.

Find out more about things to look for in a scanner.

Your DPI Requirement

DPI (Dots per Inch) and PPI (Pixels per Inch) are units used to describe the resolution of images. The Dots per Inch method helps determine the size of the image. Increasing the DPI of the scanner will decrease the image size and vice versa. A good scanner’s DPI is 600 in general, whereas flatbed scanners can produce a copy of around 2400 DPI.

The Scanner’s Cost

Different scanners have different Dmax and lens results. The Dmax range helps scanners get accurate scans of darker areas of detail. Usually, scanners with good lenses and Dmax results cost around $700-800. Make sure you only invest in leading scanner companies for perfect results.

Not much aware of high-tech scanners? Axis Business Technologies offer detailed print management software solutions for growing businesses.

The Type of Scanner You’d Prefer

The Flatbed and the sheet-fed scanner serve an incredible purpose in corporations and enterprises. Used to scan multiple sheets of paper, flatbed scanners are the most useful for smaller places. In a sheet-fed scanner, loose sheets of paper can be scanned with great ease. They are best for places where scanning takes place in large amounts.

a flatbed scanner in an office

Your Workspace

You should choose a scanner according to your enterprise. If each employee has access to the scanner, they need to have flatbed scanners for personal use. Some scanners are bulky and are only located in the office’s administrative setup. Choose your scanner type based on your workspace size and utility.

The Speed of the Scanner

If your firm works around documents, files, and informational listicles all day round, you need a fast scanner to keep pace with your workload. Many businesses are site-based. They don’t need a lot of scans, so that they may root for one or two high-quality scans. Decide for a scanner based on the speed you prefer.

Scanner Connectivity

Consider if you want the scanner to be connected to multiple computers or a single commanding computer. For growing businesses, it’s usually fruitful to go for easier network management with single-computer connectivity.

Digital imaging scanners and color copiers help with everyday chores at businesses. In Colorado Springs, CO, Axis Business Technologies has partnered with several national tech giants to offer products such as commercial color laser printer, format printers, and Fujitsu scanners. Request a quote for Axis for their services.

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