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4 Common Printer Problems and Their Easy Fixes

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Buying and maintaining a commercial color printer can be a substantial expense for any small-scale organization. You have to be careful when getting a printer and keep many different factors in mind. The first thing is its capacity. Is it suitable for your company’s workload? Second, the cost and benefit analysis; how much are you spending on it, and how much money will it save you in the long run.

The next thing to consider when choosing a business laser printer is its maintenance. You have to inspect it regularly for any functional issues so it continues to perform to its capacity. Many common problems can be fixed without professional help, and here we have discussed some of them.

1. Printer Not Responding

Using a digital copy machine or printer for the first time can be confusing. There are many basic connections you can check if it is not responding. Make sure it has a cartridge, ink, paper, and a power supply source. If it still doesn’t turn on, it might be because of an internal issue.

2. Print Quality Issues

To get the prints in your desired quality, you must use the right ink and paper. Make sure the font sizes and specifications are accurate before processing a print. Adjust the setting of the color laser printer according to your needs so it provides the same output that you expect.

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3. Security Concerns

The latest laser color printers by Axis Business Technologies come with a password option that protects your sensitive data from internal breaches. Make sure you change this password from default to customized, so only limited staff members can access its data.

4. Jammed Printer

Every printer gets jammed once in a while. But if you experience this problem too often, you should reconsider your printing practices. Make sure to calibrate the paper tray precisely, and don’t overfill it with sheets. When using thick paper or glossy sheets, feed one at a time. This habit will save you the time wasted on regular printer maintenance and checkups.

The best way to avoid printer problems is by buying a reliable product from Axis Business Technologies that comes with a warranty. Explore our product range now and find one of the best printers for small businesses and for personal use.

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