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Cybersecurity Threats You Need to Be Worried About

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Almost all digitizing businesses, be they small or large, face a massive threat from hackers online. Many small businesses feel since they are a smaller cluster, they’re less likely to be cyber-attacked than large-scale. Forbes calls it a misconception at best. A thorough analysis of phishing and other cyber hacking attempts showed employees of small-scale businesses to be at a higher risk of cyber attacks.

Are there ways these attacks could be prevented? While you can’t school a hacker, you can always train your staff and employee about possible system/software hacking threats online.

Make sure you have a data recovery plan in case you lose important data. Products by Datto help with business continuity and timely data recovery.

Beware of the following cyber security threats.

Phishing Emails

Disguised as enterprise, corporate or online business emails, phishing emails are some of the most common types of cyber security threats. A phishing email deals with extracting high-profile information from small businesses. These emails are often full of fake packages and services. Companies often train their employees about ways to identify and deal with phishing emails.

A good way of barricading phishing emails is not to open emails with a fishy subject line or trying to imitate another business or website. Have a hard drive scanning software installed to avoid data loss due to phishing events.

Trojan Horses and Keyloggers

What comes off as a generic program can lead to serious malware whereby you can give hackers access to your computer system. This is how Trojan horse malware attacks work. Keylogger is even more paranoid about a malware attack. Hackers record the keyboard keys pressed systematically. This gives them the entire key log of whatever is typed into the system using a keyboard.

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Data Exfiltration and Structural Harm

According to Statista, data exfiltration is one of the leading insider threats businesses face. Unauthorized data transfers are a malware practice that leads to confidential information leaks from businesses. Small-scale online businesses have had their client information leaked during similar malware practices.


Just think about logging in to your work computer only to discover your data and official files have been leaked. A major reason why it happened was that you didn’t have any cyber security software installed. In ransomware, your data will only be returned to you for any desired ransom amount.

Take caution before the rising wave of ransomware hits your business. Have a proper document management software solution Colorado Springs installed. Your data recovery software should also be up-to-mark. Axis Business Technologies has reputed companies like Datto helping with cybersecurity management for SMEs. Contact us at 719.630.8600 to know about our color printers and other biz tech products.

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