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The Ideal Scanner for Small Businesses and WHY

An all-in-one copier

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Small businesses frequently have limited budgets and resources, but they have a lot of financial expenses because they haven’t reached their breakeven point. However, even if some have, they must continue managing and limiting their expenditures due to lower revenues than large enterprises.

Small businesses must be cautious about planning and expenditure to avoid market failure. But having a small budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise operational efficiency. For example, your business requires suitable office equipment, such as computers, printers, copiers, and scanners, to keep work moving. However, these devices might be expensive if you don’t know which type you need and which functions you don’t.

Let’s look at some scanners that would be a perfect fit for your small business.

1. Epson ES-400

This is an A4 scanner that is suitable for both personal and small-business use. Unlike previous Epson models, this one has an automatic document feeder for faster document scanning. It comes with a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 connection, but you can connect through Ethernet if you like.

This device has scan resolutions of 200 and 300 dpi. When the duplex mode is set, it can produce around 35 sheets per minute and 70 photos per minute. It has a daily duty cycle of 4,000 sheets.

2. Brother ADS-2200

In simplex mode, this scanner can scan around 35 pages per minute. It has a scanning size of 8.2 by 11.7 inches, making it a traditional A4 scanner. It has a high-speed USB 2.0 port but no touchscreens or features like wireless scanning or Ethernet connectivity. However, this will do just fine if a small organization does not require many workstations.

3. Kodak Alaris E1035

This scanner comes with a USB 2.0 Connection. It has a scanning area of 8.27-inches by 11.69-inches, making it an ideal A4 scanner. It can scan 35 sheets per minute, process 70 images per minute, and has a daily duty cycle of 4,000 sheets.

4. Fujitsu Scansnap IX1500

Fujitsu Scanners have industry-leading capabilities. The Fujitsu Scansnap IX1500 scanner is one of the most popular A4 scanners available and provides excellent features at the most reasonable price. It comes with a CIS sensor, making it light, small, and cheaper than its competitors. In addition, it comes with a touchscreen and has a wireless scanning feature that makes it a digital sender, and you can scan documents directly to a computer.

Although the scanning speed is low, 30 pages per minute are sufficient for daily needs. The scanner can process 60 images per minute and has a daily duty cycle of 400 sheets. It is one of the best devices available, with reliable Wi-Fi scanning features.

A Fujitsu Scanner

If you’re in Colorado Springs, Axis Business Technologies can assist you with scanners, color laser printers, and multifunction copiers. You don’t have to worry if you’re a small business with a limited budget; we also provide renting and leasing services so you may buy high-performance equipment and conduct your business operations smoothly.

Explore our website or contact us for more information.

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