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Tech Review: ColorMaxLP2 Digital Color Label Printer

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Inkjet printers use ink to print documents and laser printers use static electricity to do so. The different printing techniques lead to visible changes in the speed, quality, and functions of the printers. Inkjet printers employ ink-filled nozzles for printing. Inkjet color printers are known to generate incredible color copies in no time. They are heavily deployed in fashion designing, interior architectural designing, and textile designing industries.

The inkjet mechanism is also used for label printing. Labels are needed in almost all consumer markets. They can be colored paper tags or colored plastic tags.

The ColorMaxLP2 Digital Color Label Printer is an advanced, high-tech label printer. The printer gives amazing, colored results at a speed of 60 feet of printed labels per minute.

Almost all small and medium-scaled businesses need labeling. Now print your labels through the incredible Digital Color Label Printers by ColorMax. Contact us to rent laser printers and multifunction copiers.

Here’s a quick review of ColorMax’s Label Printers.

Speedy Rewinder System

The label printer comes with a highly convenient rewinder system. Most businesses have their labels printed beforehand but don’t use them right away. The rewinder helps roll the entire stock of printed labels. The label becomes way easier than using this way. The rewinder/unwinder is attached to the printer to facilitate the process.

Works Well with Different Substrates

Labels are needed now and then by different industries! The Digital Color Label Printer is effective across several substrates such as propylene and polyester. The printer uses around 5-ink tanks to give lasting color results for each label.

Operational Control through Touch Screen

Digitalizing printing and document management at workplaces is at the core of digitalizing workplaces. It’s the initial steps small enterprises are taking to digitize their entire supply chain. The operational touch screen mechanism with label printers comes with efficient controlling options for larger and smaller stalks of labels.

To customize label printing, the printer works under two different modes.  The rewinder comes in action for a larger stock of labels while the printer cuts through the labels when smaller stocks are required.

Outsourcing something as convenient as label printing can be costly! Rent label printers and commercial color laser printers from Axis Business Technologies at the most feasible pricing.

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Inkjet Technology for Label Printing

Inkjet printers are known to offer sharper colors and print different fonts easily. Since colors, fonts, and content readability are highly desired in labels, inkjet comes off as better printing technology. With additional nozzles and ink tanks, the printer offers effective label printing results.

To purchase or lease label printing devices, contact Axis Business Technologies. We’re a reputed business tech solutions provider in Colorado Springs. Our company deals in copying and imaging services. We also rent and deal in business laser printers, digital color copiers, scanners, and tech products for data recovery.

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