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How eFax Helps Protect Patient Data in the Healthcare Industry?

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Patient data is one of the main components of the healthcare industry. Safely storing patient data and maintaining its confidentiality is crucial and can even cause legal consequences for healthcare providers if not done properly.

Faxes are an important part of the healthcare industry as well. Faxes are highly useful in sending medical files and documents from one department to another. But the use of faxes in the healthcare industry has resulted in data breaches and many patient information leaks. eFax is one solution to this problem.

In this blog, let’s look at how eFax can help healthcare provider organizations protect their patient data and transfer it securely.

eFax Avoids Misdialing

Misdialing a patient’s medical document means sending it to the wrong address or recipient. Conventional fax machines have numbers that have to be pressed in the correct order. Any small mistake can alter the recipient’s address and send the file to someone it was not intended to. This is a big risk when it comes to keeping medical data confidential.

eFax allows making a list of intended recipients, which doesn’t have to be entered manually again and again. The recipient can simply be selected from the list, and the documents or files can be safely sent.

Restricts Access to Documents and Data

Accessing conventional fax that is printed on paper is very easy. If the intended recipient is not at or near the machine, anyone nearby can access the document, and the confidentiality of patients’ medical data can be compromised.

With eFax, the documents and data are sent and received on a portal that can only be accessed by people with a password. The data is stored safely on the cloud or any other local storage protected by passwords. This means that files and documents can’t be misplaced during the filing and storing processes.

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Encrypts the Data

eFax documents are usually end-to-end encrypted, meaning any third party won’t be able to access or view the data in those documents, not even the service provider or software company that supports the sending and receiving of eFax.

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