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The Major Benefits of Using Digital Signage in Your Company


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The post-pandemic marketing and advertising styles are much different from what they used to be. Each retailer and business owner’s goal today is to offer a new experience to its customers. Thus, products and brands that used to be advertised on buildings are now advertised through digital signage. Digital signage is an electronic display platform used for brand promotion and awareness.

We’re listing some more benefits of digital signage for your new business.

The Leading Advertising Medium

Considering the use of digital signage in advertising practices, experts estimate the advertising medium will offer good competition to other advertising media in the coming years. The digital signage industry is expected to become a $32 billion business by 2023.

Incredible for New Businesses

As a new business, you can use the technology to set your business apart from your competitors. Besides, digital signage tech can display emergency information, timetables, and announcements like no other. The move especially works for industries exhausted with print ads.

The Samsung digital signage for brilliant digital menus is popular in restaurants and cafes. Our service in Southern Colorado deals in equipment like digital signage and commercial copiers at affordable prices.

Increased Content Retention

Digital displays are 400% more effective than static displays. They capture user attention faster, and their recall rate is higher than traditional media. Digital signage has proven its mark in improving operational efficiency and offering an impressive product demonstration for new customers. For tertiary industries, digital signage displays also serve as time-in-line monitors. They keep the customers from getting frustrated standing in long queues.

Digital signage at commercial places

A Much Needed Revenue Boost

A blend of cool images, engaging text, and effective use of colors make digital signage impactful. 54% of customers said they aren’t much moved by the age-old campaign media brands use for promotions. A recent study revealed that out of around 120 grocers who used digital signage, 80% witnessed increased sales. The sales boost was recorded to be around 33%.

Easy Integration Options

You can optimize your ads in a few clicks using digital signage. Cloud-based digital signage makes it even more convenient to view shared data and pass it on across business channels. Cloud-based digital signage streamlines user interface through maintaining existing and new content for brand promotions. For print ads, have in-house digital color copiers or business printers for an equal impact in the print media marketing stream.

Additional Features

Digital signage is useful for more than just product advertising. It collects customer feedback, upholds brand messaging, and expands marketing possibilities for new businesses.

Digital signage and other tech products help with everyday chores at businesses. Our service, Axis Business Technologies, has partnered with several tech giants to offer products such as commercial color printers, format laser printers, Fujitsu scanners and Colorado Springs digital signage. For more information, call us at 719-630-8600.

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