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A Checklist for Selecting the Right Laser Color Printer

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In March 2021, Hewlett-Packard’s share of global printer shipments stood at 24.5%. The variety of printers HP offers has only increased over the years. From simple letters to graphic invoices, printers are used for printing almost all kinds of documentation.

Here’s a quick guide for selecting the right laser color printers for your business:

The Printer’s Purpose

The first question you need to ask before investing in a printer is, “Why do I need one?”. Industries dealing directly with customers, such as the healthcare industry, would need to print documents in bulk. In this specific sector, you’re looking for speed and economy in printers. A LaserJet printer is the ideal choice for printing documents in bulk with the utmost speed and precision. Try a Kyocera laser color printer for faster printing.

The Image Quality

Your image quality requirements will depend on your target market. Check your color printer for the following:

Color Palette

New digital copiers and printers now come with a diversified color palette. Color sharpness allows you to distinguish each color on the printed copy. You should be able to find color details in informational kits and printer brochures provided with the device.


The better the ink density, the more vibrant the colors. In HP printers, you can adjust the printer’s density. The lower the setting, the lower the quantity of toner used.


Printers with a higher resolution, around 1200dpi, suit high-end photography and art portfolios. These are also the color printers you’ll need if you’re a design company. Most modern printers come with resolution adjustment options. HP’s laser color printers have adjustable resolution settings for different business needs.

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Size and Speed

The printer’s size heavily depends on your industry and purpose. For advertisement services, a wide format printer would be an ideal choice. Small yet fast printers would do for industries that engage in heavy documentation and policy work. For printing documents in bulk, you need a speedy LaserJet color printer.

The printer’s speed is everything for past-paced jobs that need to meet set deadlines each day! Ensure you consider the printer’s speed above all else.

Ease of Use

After feature specifications, the printer’s ease of usage comes next. An easy-to-use printer means less frustration at work. Invest in multifunction copiers if you have less space and more printing at work. Check if the printer’s control panel is easy to navigate. Save your customized features in the primary connected device for future usage.

Businesses with a frequent need for printing and copying services should go with multifunction copiers or commercial laser printers. You can purchase or rent them from us at Axis Business Technologies. For additional information about our color copiers and other digital tech products, contact us at 719-630-8600.

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