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8 Uses for Wide-Format Printers

A picture of a wide-format printer

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Wide format printers are large printers with versatile properties and impressive results. They can produce window clings to banners.

We’ve put together multiple uses for a wide-format printer. You can also explore a wide range of printers available at our site for rent, buy and release.

Let’s explore how you can use wide-format printers.

What Are Wide-Format Printers Used For?

Wide-format printers are specialized printers that cater to wider base material and substrate compared to traditional printers. They can also print on various substances for outdoor and indoor uses, including:

1. Repeat Banners

Say you’re planning a gala, a fashion show or a prom. You’ll need to create repeat banners and backdrops for the event. Wide-format printers can produce these banners so you can hang them for the event.

2. Banners

Wide-format printers are known for printing up to 100′ long and 44″ wide prints. That’s why these printers are suitable for creating banners. Businesses can display their logo, contact information and other graphic patterns on banners using a wide-format printer.

Perhaps you’re looking to promote your new business or opening day? A temporary banner at the storefront can spread the word faster.

3. Trade Show Booths

If you’ve rented a booth for a trade show, you’ll want it to be attractive and attention-grabbing. Trade show booths feature large printed material to create an appealing space that draws more people towards your booth.

You can print wall graphics, pop-up displays and table cloth for your booth using a wide-format printer.

4. Community Festivals

Businesses, community centers and churches are often involved in community festivals. It’s a way to build social capital and contribute to community development. You’ll need banners and printed graphics to promote your business or community center during the event. Wide-format printers can create banners and graphics for each vendor to improve their visibility.

5. Blueprints

Most contracting and construction companies use blueprints to keep track of the work. Blueprints allow the construction industry to show the client how things are going on a construction project. Wide-format printers use economy papers to create blueprints.

6. Photo Canvas Prints

You can take anniversary photos up a notch by printing them on canvas. A wide-format printer is the right piece of equipment to print bridal and wedding photos. You don’t need to narrow down the print size because you can print the photos as large as you want. Later, you can wrap them around a wooden frame for a finished look.

7. GIS Maps

GIS (geographical information system) captures, manipulates, stores, and analyzes geographical data. GIS uses the data to create colorful maps for a better visual representation. A wide-format printer combined with GIS mapping can improve the data presentation.

8. Wall Decals

You can spruce up your blank wall with decals. A wide-format printer can print vinyl decals to revamp the interior. These printers can create various designs and cut-outs for aesthetic wall décor.

Wide-format printers in a printing site

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