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Why Do Businesses Need Data Recovery Solutions?

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We’re currently undergoing a later stage of data revolution. The exponential growth of data is directly linked to businesses seeking better revenue opportunities digitally.

The digital medium has ushered in a new wave of businesses investing in both customer and business data analyses for smarter business decisions. Inevitably, this has raised significant questions about the protection of big data and how to proceed in case of extreme data loss.

The threat of a data breach is real and is always looming for businesses. Therefore, data backup and data recovery solutions are worthwhile investments for businesses today. Here, we list a few different ways companies can lose precious data reinstating the need for data recovery.

1. Cybercrime and Ransomware

Data criminals have now come up with newer, sophisticated ways of infecting your systems. Ransomware is a malicious software that, if deployed into your servers, encrypts your data and “kidnaps” it. The cyber attackers demand some form of payment to release the data block. Such software rapidly adapts to newer forms of cybersecurity, and the authorities regularly issue information on variants to be aware of.

Without any data backup solution in place, your business could incur heavy losses in ransom payments. A well-implemented data recovery solution can essentially hand you back the control of your data.

2. Downtime and Technology Shortfalls

As businesses go paper-free and digital, we encounter newer technological problems. The current technology is not completely failsafe, and businesses need to take that into account. Natural disasters also Downtimes especially have negatively impacted businesses. Many small businesses are not able to recover from such data losses.

Investing in data recovery solutions steers your business clear of technological faults.

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3. Data Breaches Lose Customers

Data breaches are a serious violation of customers’ private data that businesses otherwise promise to keep safe. When data breaches go public, customers lose trust and satisfaction, and they actively look for safer alternatives. The notorious hacking of Yahoo in 2013 potentially exposed the data of every customer. This cost the company a fortune, and it still suffers a reputation shortfall.

Proper data recovery solutions allow businesses to strategize and prepare for such data loss events.

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