How to Choose the Best Printer for Your Small Business?

If you’re starting off, you might not need to print hundreds of order receipts in a day. For startups, the target market is small and uncertain, and the scope of your business is narrow.

Investing in high-grade commercial printers demands a big sum of money that may offer a significant trade-off. You need to evaluate your printing requirements and budget before you shop for a printing device.

Here are some pointers to consider before you buy a printer.

Multifunction Printers

Large-scale businesses require heavy-duty laser printers and commercial copiers to fulfill their daily quota. But small businesses don’t need an exclusive machine for faxing, copying, scanning, and printing. A multifunction printer with all-in-one features will suffice. Here are the pros and cons:


A multifunction printer saves time and space by combining the functions of multiple machines into one. You may have to pay a larger amount upfront for a multifunction printer than an ordinary one, but it saves money if you add up ink refills, toners, and maintenance costs. They also offer greater speed and efficiency in getting the job done.


Once your business and workforce start growing, you’ll need multiple machines or individual devices to manage the workload. One printer is at risk of getting malfunctioning if too many people are using it. If it breaks down, it can increase downtime and your business may incur significant losses.

Laser Printers

If you need to achieve both quality and quantity with one printer, a laser machine is the answer. It can manage day-to-day printing commands without buckling under pressure, handling a large volume of printouts without compromising quality. They’re great for printing graphics and diagrams for presentations and meetings. Let’s look at the pros and cons:


Laser printers minimize time with a speedy service. The print quality is sharp and professional, without any low-quality deformities. The ink refills are inexpensive and compensate for the high price. One laser cartridge yields a greater number of printouts than an inkjet printer.


Laser printers require a significant initial investment. You have to be particular about the paper quality and size you use because they have a recommended paper type. It’s not an appropriate machine for photo printing, so you might have to invest in a photo printer separately if need be.

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3 Print Management Software Programs That Will Help You Boost Productivity

You may think you only need a computer and a printer to fulfill commercial printing requirements. But you won’t know the need for a print management software until you use one.

It delivers the promise it makes and offers cost-reductive benefits to businesses. You won’t have to pay extra to track and allocate print commands and enhance productivity through a streamlined printing process.

The print management software program can help boost the workforce’s productivity by eliminating inefficiencies. Software solutions can integrate various office machines—copiers, laser printers, and color printers—and digitize the system.

If you’re interested in getting a print management software, here are some examples that you should look into.


If you want to create an encrypted printing environment that protects accessibility to confidential documents, MyQ is the software to go with. It scans and verifies the user with a PIN code before granting the command.

It records each printed document’s time and date, enabling you to check the records if you suspect unauthorized activity.

This protects high-priority intellectual property and also improves the efficiency and accuracy of printed documents. Users can connect with any available printer and minimize time delays.

Businesses can also keep tabs on the monthly printing expenses and monitor any fluctuations that exceed your budget.


This print management software limits access to authorized cardholders. You only need to swipe a card to allow access-only scanning, faxing, and printing.

It allows users to transfer files and printing documents to more than one remote location. However, each recipient must also confirm their identity before the software authorizes them to print.

This software has a unique feature of 22 distinct languages; this is an attraction for multinational businesses that have multilingual consumers.

The reporting tool allows managers to keep track of print history in all primary and secondary offices.

Net Manager

If you need to enforce strict compliance for company rules and authorized documentation, Net Manager is ideal for that.

Administrators will get alerts every time an unauthorized user attempts to access or print confidential documents. It protects data through PIN codes and ID verification. This minimizes the risk of data theft.

It also enables companies to go green through an in-built paper-saving feature. This not just saves your money but also preserves the environment.

With cloud-based data backup, you can access, scan, or transfer files anytime, anywhere.

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Document Management System: What Is It and Why Do You Need It?

A document management system is an automated solution to all your manual filing and documentation needs.

Isn’t it a hassle to punch holes in a thick bunch of papers, file them in ring binders, and stack them on shelves? Doesn’t it take long to find important documents amid a huge pile of files stacked on top of one another? It’s time to improve our ways and upgrade to software solutions.

A document management software allows for better organization, security, digitization, tagging, and completion of business documents. Your data is synced with the cloud, so there’s always a digital copy of any document that’s accidentally lost or corrupted. 

You can finally eliminate the paperwork and save your business from data theft with all your confidential material safely locked and protected.

Here’s why you need a document management system for your business.


By saving all your documents, research material, proposals, and drafts on the cloud, you have the freedom to access them anywhere and at anytime.

Whether you’re on a long flight before a business meeting or at home when you’re working remotely, all you need are the credentials and internet to access the documents. This saves you from the trouble of being glued to your computer at work for hours on end.

You can leave bulky office material at your desk even if you want to work from home. It’s all on the cloud, so it’s always a few clicks away!


Document management software is in-built on a consumer-driven technology that has a strong foothold in mid-sized businesses. Cloud-based management allows companies to track, record, collaborate on, and access files at their convenience. You can manage all the features from the in-built web portal and transfer large files quickly through smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

This has significantly assisted healthcare clinics, IT managers, and emergency services that need to be available round the clock.

Professional Growth

It’s 2020, and manual book-keeping is an obsolete practice. Depending on paperwork, manual filing, and posting is a risky procedure that impedes professional growth in businesses. You need to digitize your business to compete with other players in the industry.

Document management software is a good start for training your workforce to adopt modern standards. The software offers an ample bandwidth on the internal server that allows data transfers.

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4 Reasons Why You Need To Switch To SaaS for Your Business Application

Every business nowadays requires a Software-as-a-Service. SaaS’s software integration features allow better document management, efficient collaborations, seamless communication, and much more. That’s why Microsoft Office 365 and Google’s G-Suite are the top choices of small to mid-scale businesses.

Don’t you need a software solution for making spreadsheets for meetings, saving data on the cloud, allowing video conferencing with remote workers, and staying on top of your emails for a minimal cost?

That’s precisely why you need SaaS software solutions. Here are some reasons why it’s necessary for commercial business needs.

Cut Costs

By upgrading to SaaS, you’re essentially cutting down upfront installation costs, maintenance expenses, and pricey upgrades. You no longer need expensive hardware upgrades to make it work; SaaS applications can manage all that and more for a low price.

The pay-as-you-go pricing model also allows you to pay only for the services you need. There are no miscellaneous costs that will add up to your bill and there’s no need to pay for unused licenses, either. You can avail a high-powered software for all commercial business needs.

Save Time

Every minute of a working day is precious, especially to small enterprises. Every moment you spend fixing a problem or dealing with an inefficiency can be put toward churning more output. That’s what SaaS applications help you do.

You don’t have to waste time recovering accidentally deleted documents or fretting over lost ones. There’s no need to worry about setting up a video call with your seniors and supervisors and troubleshooting glitches in it. And you don’t have to file documents manually when everything can be safely secured on the cloud.

SaaS is an all-in-one tool for you. It eliminates inefficiencies and reduces downtime at work.

Greater Scalability and Accessibility

With the pay-as-you-go model, you have the flexibility to manage the services you require at any given time. You can browse through all the options and change your usage plan if need be. There’s no need to provide a notice in advance. You simply need a strong internet connection to access the software from any location if you’ve subscribed to it.

More Compatible

Outdated software solutions are no longer compatible with new technology available to you. Updating them can consume a lot of time and money (which new businesses may not have.) A different version of the same software on other desktops can create compatibility issues and change the format of important documents. 

With SaaS, your employees only need to punch in the credentials and use the standard version from any device. 

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3 Common Copier Problems—And How You Can Fix Them

A malfunctioning copier machine can cause unnecessary delays and inconvenience employees at a workplace. You may need an essential document for a meeting or have to print some reports to show to your boss. But if the copier refuses to work, you can do nothing but fret over it.

You may laugh all you want at the comic copier problems in the movie Office Space, but there’s not much humor when it actually happens.

But you can plan ahead and prevent that by knowing potential problems that happen with commercial copiers. Let’s look at some of those.

Paper Jams

This is by far the most prevalent problem in offices. Before you do anything, resist the urge to wrestle with the machine to get the paper out. It could break the machine or cause significant hardware damage.

Note the way the paper is loaded into the machine. If you’re doing that wrong, paper jams are bound to happen. Make sure you’re choosing the right size of paper for the copier; inserting the wrong size in an improper alignment can also cause it to get jammed.

Paper dust is another reason why copier trouble may occur. Clean the feed tires periodically and vacuum the copier to extract the dust buildup.

Lines on Paper

When you send a print command, you expect the document to illustrate the diagrams and text you see on your computer screen. Instead, what comes out is a paper lined with black marks, unfinished images, and other deformities.

Such an unsightly appearance is not fit to be submitted to your superiors, and you have to re-do the print to get the perfect copy. This wastes company resources and time.

You might need to check the scanner glass for dirt or other pollutants. The developer unit or drum-blade may also be malfunctioning to cause this. You might need to avail the warranty of your copier or consult a technician to fix the problem.

Cartridge Issues

If your cartridge is low and needs a refill or replacement, do it ASAP. Don’t delay it because that may lead to cartridge or toner issues. If you’re about to replace your toner, make sure the new one is compatible with your machine, otherwise, the print quality will suffer. This may not seem like a big problem, but it can affect the quality of work that goes under your name and determines your performance at work.

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Things You Need To Set Up a Small Business Network

Starting a new business involves is no easy fear. It’s not just about securing a sizeable initial investment;allocating limited resources to build a business network is an equally important step.

However small your workforce may be initially; you still need network equipment and software solutions to manage the work. Finding a reliable supplier for all your hardware and software needs is the biggest challenge and one that gambles with a significant amount of funds. You must place your bets wisely.

Here is some network equipment you need to set up a business ecosystem for your company. 


If you’re working on multiple devices and need a network to connect them all, that’s what a router does. With a router, you can find the best route for data to transfer to other devices. It can also prioritize one primary computer as the hub to maintain security standards in the workplace. This is essential equipment that you need to bind all elements of your business ecosystem and enable seamless networking.

It comes with an I/O interface, memory, and CPU. Routers used for commercial businesses often have an in-built firewall and anti-virus protection to secure data storage. Wireless routes can reduce hardware jams in a small workspace and make it more conducive for mobility.


A switch is essential for connecting servers, workstations, copiers, printers, laptops, and other devices in your business. Multiple devices can collaborate on a single project and exchange information using switches.

Managed switches need to be configured for security and other features. Installation is easy and quick since you only need to unpack and connect to your system. The best quality switches offer the speed and reliability that new businesses need.


Malicious viruses are always the biggest concern for business owners. They can enter your private system via the internet or hardware data transfers. A firewall is a software solution that guards your business network against malware. 

It’s the front line defense mechanism for network security if you want to rid your business of spams and viruses. A good host-based or network-based firewall will also allow you to monitor activity within the system and encrypt network traffic.

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