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Back Up and Data Recovery

Protecting Your Business Data

Technology empowers you to expand your business, automate tasks, share data, and create multiple efficiencies throughout your business. As your reliance on technology grows and increasingly sensitive data is stored electronically—you must prioritize securing and backing up your data.

Axis Business Technologies will help you identify the most secure data, back up and recovery options. This may include the technology required to create a secure private cloud.

The time and stress of downtime and lost data can be costly, as well as the ramifications if data and client information are compromised. In fact, operations can come to a screeching halt if your data is not protected.

We will work with you as your dedicated technology advisor to determine what you need to establish or upgrade your data security.

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Data Backup And Disaster Recovery

With the right technology in place you can all but eliminate the likelihood of lost data. We help you select the hardware to automate the backup process and to recover data when it has been lost.

There is a security element to be considered when selecting your data backup and recovery safeguards and we will help you navigate that too.

Once your data safety plan is in place you can reach out on an annual basis to check to see if it’s time to upgrade to newer tech or if there are any changes we can implement to optimize data security as your business grows.

Cloud Computing

A private cloud is a must for securing your data and ensuring you are properly backed up. However, cloud computing can also lower operating costs by helping you create a more efficient in-house network.

We will help you determine how to minimize your need for servers, storage, software, and hardware by introducing a secure private cloud.

Cloud computing will also help you to better manage, organize, and share data. You can manage who has access to your cloud and who doesn’t, and can change or remove access at any time.

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