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Let our certified technicians change your disposition. Networking, servers, and computer repair. Same day service available.

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A Mobile, Secure, & Efficient Network

Your need for technology goes beyond completing tasks to optimizing efficiency. Work stations and daily electronics are often a mix of desktop and mobile devices that work together to streamline operations.

Axis Business Technologies understands that your needs are ever-evolving and we are here to help you determine what business technology supports your business objectives.

Once your devices are selected, we create a secure in-house network to provide you the peace of mind that your data is secure, backed up, and that downtime is few and far between. As your business grows, we ensure your technology grows with you. This includes upgrading to new devices while keeping energy costs inline.

Not to worry if you aren’t exactly sure what type of mobile devices, servers, routers, or firewalls you require as we know the questions to ask to assess your needs for data, security, operations, and efficiency.

Contact us for complete network solutions and computer systems in Colorado Springs today!

Mobile Devices.

Mobile devices play a vital role in scaling your business. They provide you with access to essential data when you are away from your workstation, both in and out of the office.

Utilize mobile technology to process orders, improve customer service, collect data, share data on the go, give reports and presentations with ease, and more.

You might not think anything beyond a mobile phone is required but we can help you explore the ways mobile can streamline and simplify daily operations.

Mobile may even help you to expand your services and solutions!

Workstations / Laptops

Not all laptops are created equally. Yes, they all get the job done but some with greater speed, ease, and efficiency. In most businesses, there is not a one-size-fits-all solution as various positions may require different specs for speed and processing. Axis Business Solutions helps you determine these needs.

Your new workstations will be designed with maximum efficiency in mind. From desktops to laptops, additional screens, ergonomic Bluetooth accessories, shared electronics, and more!

Combined with our ongoing support we will keep your computers secure, fast, backed up—and will upgrade your workstations as needed.


Servers play a vital role in keeping your electronic data backed up and secure. We will talk you through the best options which may include a combination of on-site servers and the Cloud. The ultimate goal is to minimize risk and keep downtime to a minimum.

Not all businesses require a server, and some require several. Factors such as the type of data you store, the sensitivity of your data, industry compliance, and the volume of data you process daily will help us identify the best solution for you.

Even when combined with the cloud we will ensure your servers are safe and secure.

Routers / Switches.

Routers are required to ensure that you can operate many connected devices in your business with ease and efficiency, without having multiple internet accounts. Routers also keep your business wireless.

Switches keep internal information secure and controlled, by allowing you to communicate within your business network—without your internal information passing through the router to the internet.

The need for routers and switches varies greatly from one business to the next. As your technology advisor we will help you determine the best network setup for your individual needs.


Firewalls play a vital role in protecting your business from outside intrusion. With cyberattacks on the rise across every industry you must be proactive about cybersecurity.

We will help you determine your needs for perimeter and internal firewalls. Your in-house IT team can keep an eye on the traffic that is monitored and blocked by your firewall—or Axis Business Technologies can help.

Your computer’s built-in firewall is not enough to keep you protected so an internal firewall is essential.