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Document Management Software

DocRecord is a simple, powerful solution to help you bring information into your workflow and manage documents more quickly and cost-efficiently. It provides all the features required for small-to-midsize business users -- plus advanced document processing capabilities to serve the growing needs of larger organizations. To save time and speed workflow by automating manual document processes, DocRecord does it all -- at a cost you can afford. Electronic document management software scalability will ensure increased capabilities as your organization's needs expand.

Companies that implement document management software experience up to an 80% reduction in time spent finding information.


Document Management Software

Instant Document Access

Electronic document management software enables access to our document repository with a simple click of your desktop mouse. Enabling authorized users the power to access electronic document images at their desktop greatly enhances productivity and results in a knowledge worker's confidence in finding information quickly and confidently.

In a traditional paper filing system, 50% of a professional’s time is spent looking for information. Only 5‐15% is used in reading the information


We all depend on instant access to data and records in our personal life; our businesses should have the same instant access. With DocRecord's document management software, your business can easily have both automatic document filing and instant electronic document access.



Document Management Software

Search & Retrieve both Locally and Over the Web

Users can search for documents and content from either their desktop or any browser-enabled device such as a tablet or smart phone and is operating system independent. DocRecord offers multiple search options including keywords, index fields, full text of a document, and the folder tree. Users can save frequent searches for future use. Users can print, fax, process, and email retrieved documents.

Automated document workflows that eliminate manual processing mean lower costs and greater efficiencies...


Easily Automate Complex and Manual Document Workflows


Often, documents have complex and manual workflows that require multiple copy distribution, multiple approvals, reviews and comments, processing, and then filing once completed. Different than usual straight-forward document processing, the complexity of these workflows varies greatly by organization.

DocRecord anticipates these complexities and provides an intuitive electronic method of creating easy-to-use workflows that are effective and greatly reduce time and efforts. DocRecord provides the user with the status of a document as well as its progress within a given workflow process.

DocRecord provides a wide range of simple and automated ways of getting your records, content, and data captured and organized in a manner that makes sense for your organization.

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