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Laser Printers

Laser Printers- What Matters.

Laser printers are a great solution if you need crisp, clean, professional-looking print jobs for everyday use like reports, presentations, and other documents such as photos, labels, posters, and other specialized print jobs. With so many brands and features found on laser printers today, it is sometimes difficult to choose the right one for your business.  Do you need a budget-friendly laser printer that covers the basics, a versatile all-in-one laser printer that can scan and print professional documents along with your everyday printing jobs, or a powerful color laser printer for the ultimate in high-quality documents?

Obviously you want to ensure that the laser printer model you purchase is reliable.  You probably want excellent quality. Sharp edges with consistent gradients and vibrant, brilliant colors if looking for that perfect color printer. We can honestly say that, for the most part, most laser printers on the market today are comparable in quality.  Reliability, especially over time varies among the brands available. But before making any buying decision, an appropriate cost analysis should be reviewed. What we are really saying is, "What is your Total Cost of Ownership or TCO?"  

Laser Printers

Laser Printers- Lots of Choices

In today's global market end users can enjoy efficient, reliable printing while increasing productivity with an array of laser printers in a variety of styles, specifications, and price ranges. Think of all the different brands of laser printers. HP, Canon, Lanier printers, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, Brother, Okidata, Lexmark, Epson, Dell, etc.  The list goes on and on.  Have you ever wondered why there are so many different manufacturers in the laser printing industry? The biggest reason is profit! These manufacturers make millions of dollars selling supplies to keep their printers fed with toner and supplies so you can print. Whether you have just discovered the benefits of laser printers, or are just looking to upgrade your existing laser printers, the most important factor to consider before purchasing any model is TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). If you've made it this far, you will definitely want to read more.

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A Gallon of printer ink would cost approximately $9,600.



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Conventional Laser Printers- Total Cost of Ownership

Conventional laser printers use an imaging cartridge that integrates an OPC drum, developer and toner into a single, disposable unit. When the toner is depleted, the entire cartridge is disposed of and replaced with a new unit -- at significant cost and inconvenience to the user. This system may be compared to a car in which the fuel tank, engine and transmission were constructed as a single module. Under this concept, owners would have to replace the engine, transmission and fuel tank every time they ran out of gas!

Cartridge Free Laser Printers

The benefits of cartridge-free technology are twofold. Ecologically, it can help eliminate the environmental burden of millions of used print cartridges worldwide that are now disposed of each year as trash. Economically, by eliminating the recurring costs associated with replacement print cartridges.  Cartridge free laser printers provide the industry's lowest TCO.  In fact, your operating costs over the lifecycle of the printer approximates 70% cost savings.  

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