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Pre-Owned. Certified Copiers.

Makes financial sense.

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Konica Minolta color copier

Pre-Owned Copiers

Today’s digital copiers are more reliable and last longer than analog copiers.  Truth is, most digital copiers are underutilized during their initial lease period.  In fact, most equipment that is returned to us has several more years of life expectancy.

If your organization wants a reliable device that will provide many years of faithful service, please contact us.  All of our pre-owned or used copiers in Colorado Spring’s inventory have been inspected and certified by a factory-trained technician.  All consumable components are inspected, cleaned, adjusted, or replaced before being available for resale.

Our used or pre-owned copiers in Colorado Spring’s inventory meet minimum manufacturer’s specifications for scheduled maintenance. Additionally, all manufacturer’s recommended firmware updates are installed. In many instances, equipment that has been returned to us off of lease still has 70 to 80 percent of its life expectancy remaining.

Purchasing or leasing a pre-owned color copier can save your organization several thousand dollars over the equipment’s life cycle.

If you are looking for a used color copier or a pre-owned copier in Colorado Springs, please contact us to schedule a showroom demonstration. Inventory fluctuates daily, so please contact us before visiting our showroom,

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