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Managed Print Services or Printer Solutions Management (PRiSM)

Money is wasted in all sorts of ways you don't see: Unnecessary devices, wasted resources and inefficient hardware. Your staff spends precious time on simple printer issues and endless hours are lost dealing with different suppliers and vendors.

The typical office employee in  North America  prints 10,000 pages each year.


Most organizations do not have a clear idea of exactly how much they are printing or spending. Our programs help organizations manage their printing activity and printing costs, while also reducing their environmental impact.

Poor printer management results in wasteful printing and the use of out-dated or redundant devices can also lead to high energy consumption. Implementing responsible printing practices can therefore go a long way to improving an organization's environmental credentials as well as significantly reducing costs.

Did you know that a typical laser printer cartridge takes 1,000 years to biodegrade?


The average cost for the energy required to operate a single laser printer adds up to $225 over a one year period.


Office technologies have advanced, users' needs have changed. A lot of current printing environments are patchworks of printing, imaging and fax devices that aren't managed or serviced to keep up with today's business world. Axis Business Technologies managed print services combines consulting, hardware, software implementation and workflow management in order to lower your organization's operational cost. We manage your printing fleet so you don't have to. Transform your organization with managed print services, today.


Monitor & Manage Your Organization's Printed Output

Our managed print services or PRiSM program combines powerful monitoring and reporting software that allows you to monitor all layers of your company's output devices.  Managing volume on your devices allows better utilization and informed decisions regarding deployment. PRiSM (managed print services) provides right-sizing the document output fleet to actual business needs, providing optimal business process and fleet support, and establishing continuous optimization - balanced with minimal cost of ownership and environmental impact. Typical cost savings can be up to 30%.


MPS Managed print servicesPRiSM GREEN
Standardize your entire desktop printer fleet with
Kyocera ECOSYS® color and monochrome printers. Most organizations are plagued with multiple different laser printer models and multiple brands. Because laser printers were probably purchased on an as needed basis, organization's printer fleets grew with no standardization in mind and no real concern on the total cost of the printer(s) throughout the product's life cycle. ECOSYS long life consumables and the industry's highest drum yield deliver the economical and ecological solution making this device the smart choice for your organization.

Utilize a single black toner supply item to power your entire monochrome fleet as well as black printing on your color printers. Just three color cartridges to power all of your color printing devices. Just imagine only requiring 4 total toner cartridges to supply all your monochrome and color laser printing needs. On average, most organizations are required to supply 6 different black toner cartridges and 9 different color cartridges for their current fleet.

Our PRiSM Green managed print services program provides proactive monitoring software and provides monthly volume reports, automated meter reads, and toner replenishment notification. Axis provides all parts, supplies, and labor to ensure your fleet is maintained, and your IT staff can concentrate on IT, not printing problems. Estimated cost savings is typically 30% or more. Axis Business Technologies is your single source for all your printing needs.

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MPS managed print servicesPRiSM GOLD
Our PRiSM Gold managed print services monitors and manages your existing printer fleet. Proactive monitoring software that provides monthly volumes, automated meter reads, and toner replenishment notification. We will conduct periodic reviews to asses your device utilization and make recommendations on hardware relocation or replacement.  Axis provides all parts, supplies, and labor to ensure your fleet is maintained and your IT staff can concentrate on IT, not printing problems.  

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