10.1" LCD Touchscreen and Intuitive Android-Based Operating System

User Friendly UX and Personalisation
The new Smart MultiXpress series MFPs feature Samsung’s Smart UX Centre – the same touch-based, customizable UX technology featured on the Samsung Galaxy® line of smartphones and tablets. The Smart MultiXpress series MFPs are also considered the industry’s first application of haptic technology that re-creates the sense of touch with vibrations for a more tactile user experience.

Extensible and Limitless Connectivity
Android OS empowers the Smart MultiXpress series MFPs with limitless printing app scalability – similar to smartphone technology – and allows on-the-go connectivity through the Samsung Cloud Print, reinforcing both the connectivity and scalability of the range. Furthermore, all Smart MultiXpress series MFPs are compatible with Samsung’s XOA (eXtensible Open Architecture) printing solution platform, and can be customized to meet specialized business needs.

Improved NFC Printing Technology
Additionally, the new MFPs have now been upgraded to NFC Pro to meet the changing needs of the B2B market. By adding the new Samsung NFC Pro accessory (available and sold separately), the new MFPs allow easy access from smartphones for mobile printing, a stronger user authentication process, and improved IT administrative functions, such as the ability to easily “clone” the same security settings on multiple MFPs just by tapping on the NFC Pro accessory.

High Quality and Reliable Technology
The launch of Samsung’s Smart MultiXpress series of MFPs will both increase business customers’ efficiency and productivity, as well as provide even faster document processing speed – output speed is up to 1.5 times faster than previous 1 GHz single-core CPU thanks to its 1 GHz dual-core CPU – and enable multiple users to print and scan large documents without disruption.

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