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Manage company-wide
business communications — in one powerful, streamlined solution.

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Ride the Cloud

eFax Solutions.


eFax solutions can provide convenience and efficiency, even if your business has internal fax machines. It means fewer personal and shared fax machines, and less time spent getting up to send or receive a fax. Also, fewer misplaced faxes, less money spent on shipping documents to and from, and a secure electronic database of all signed documents.

Send, fill out, sign, and return printed or electronically signed documents in a secure eFax setting—from anywhere with an internet connection.

Your eFax options aren’t just convenient for you but for your recipients, too. In fact, eFax is a standard many of your clients and customers

VoIP Solutions

Crexendo VoIP

A VoIP solution empowers you to route phone calls through the internet via a toll-free number, local number, or a phone number outside of Southern Colorado. This improves functionality by allowing employees to accept office calls from anywhere with an internet connection, and is drastically less expensive than landline phones.

VoIP solutions are ideal for businesses across a variety of industries, far beyond call centers—which they were initially designed for. Your business is likely to require landlines but adding VoIP to the mix will improve flexibility and function.

Not to worry if you aren’t sure how VoIP can help optimize your communication as we will help you create a personalized solution.  Axis Business Technologies is Colorado Spring’s VoIP experts.

Communication is vital to any business. Without it, information, ideas, and workflows can’t be shared from person to person or more broadly across an enterprise. Without communication, there is no direction, no leadership, and no customer support. The worry was that depending on a workforce based at home, communication, collaboration, and customer service would suffer.

The past myths have changed. People can work effectively and productively from home or remotely. We’ve proven that to be exactly the case. In many situations, people are actually more productive, making more significant contributions, working from anywhere with a happier, better work-life balance.

Remote work doesn’t work for everybody. Clearly, you’ve got cultural challenges. You’ve got different personalities. Some people are very social and love to be surrounded by others. Some people would rather work alone and focus on getting the job done, and that’s great.

With Unified Communications technology, employees can do their work more easily and are happier, and employers are thrilled because their employees are happy. You get better loyalty, better commitment and dedication, and better work. You may have a small office with a limited staff, but most of your workforce can be remote.

Employers have started to learn how to work through the challenges of the “new normal.” Collaboration in the office worked well, but collaboration in a virtual world can also work very well. Cooperation in this new hybrid business communication model was thought to be a challenge for those working remotely. But Unified Communications as a Service (‘UCaaS’) is the technology that rose to be the solution.