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Key Advantages of VoIP for Managing Remote Teams

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A remote worker taking notes on a video call with a colleague.

In the United States, the work landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years. Companies are shifting toward a remote workforce to improve their bottom line.

While the COVID-19 has contributed to this trend, around 4.7 million Americans were working remotely before the pandemic, which shows it’s more to it than it looks on the surface.

Let’s cut to the chase, remote working is here to stay, and it’s important more than ever to adapt to the changing dynamics to maximize off-site productivity.

Using a VoIP system is one of the best ways to facilitate and manage remote teams. Here are some key advantages that VoIP solutions bring to the table that you should know:

Portability and scalability

This VoIP technology frees your business from the constraints it operated under previously, including requiring a physical phone to make or receive calls.

VoIP services are not tied to a physical address and give users the freedom to use the same number on the go, which can benefit remote teams.

Whether your employees are working in their home, nearby coffee shop, or a different city, you can conduct business communications using their virtual number without any trouble. Moreover, if you plan to scale up your business operations and hire remote employees, you can give them instant access without having to purchase dedicated hardware.

A remote worker working on a laptop in the kitchen at home.

Accessibility and clearer voice quality

Accessibility is among the top advantages of VoIP for businesses managing remote teams. Your employees can work on their mobile devices from anywhere via VoIP solutions.

All they need is an internet-enabled device and decent data connection to make and receive calls. VoIP systems also allow sending voice mails to unavailable team members.

There’s no extra hardware or complex configuration required, allowing new remote employees to remain connected with the team, regardless of their location.

Moreover, VoIP calls are crisp and clear with minimal disruptions as long as users are connected to a stable internet connection, resulting in better sound quality.

Save money

The costs to maintain effective communicating channels are crucial for every company. VoIP also shines in this area and provides significant cost savings in the long run. 

VoIP connection tends to be cheaper than a landline phone system and doesn’t require additional hardware, which results in substantial savings.

Furthermore, the calls are carried out using the internet. It means remote workers can make unlimited calls, and you don’t have to worry about the phone bill.

VoIP systems come with several advanced features like auto-attendant, instant video calling, conference calling, and more, improving your remote workforce’s productivity.

At Axis Business Technologies, we believe that technology can be utilized to optimize your communication in many ways, and a robust VoIP solution is one of them.

We will help you create a personalized VoIP solution to optimize your communication, which will help your business in Colorado Springs to manage remote teams.

Call 1.866.390.3956 or visit our website to get started.

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