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Print Management

Print Management Software Solutions

Software might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of printing required documents, but our print and document management software solutions deliver time and cost-saving benefits.

Axis Business Technologies will work with you to determine the printing software to best meet your needs. Our goals include securing your documents, making printing faster and easier, and minimizing unnecessary printing.

We have a variety of document management solutions to choose from and will narrow down your options by industry compliance and which software will seamlessly integrate with your current technology and workflows.

Mobile printing, access-only printing, records of printing history, remote print, user-alerts, cost reports, encrypted printing, and more!

Kyocera MYQ

MyQ is an application designed to create an encrypted printing environment. Users can only print and scan after verifying who they are with a unique PIN, and all printed documents are recorded so that you know who printed what and when. You can also designate who can print sensitive data and documents. 

Users can activate printing on their mobile device and MyQ will route the printing project with efficiency. For example, if the nearest printer is already being used—it will route the project to an available printer. Once complete the user will be notified. Assess printing costs by reviewing what is being printed each month. These are just a few of the key highlights of MyQ.

PaperCut MF

PaperCut allows access-only printing, scanning, and faxing from an assigned swipe card. What makes this printing software unique is that you can send printing assignments to multiple locations. For example, send a print job to a designated person in your New York office but they won’t be able to print until they verify who they are with their swipe card. PaperCut is available in over 22 languages.
Reporting is also available to view printing history, trends, and to see who is printing what in every designated location—locally and in your secondary offices. 

PaperCut Print Management
Colorado Springs PaperCut Print Management
Konica Minolta Page Scope Print Management

Net Manager

Net Manager is ideal for industries with strict compliance as documents are sent to the printer in an encrypted file. Administrators can set up alerts for a variety of factors such as printing of sensitive materials. All employees need a PIN number or ID card to print.

Minimize printing wait times by routing print jobs to available printers, copiers, and scanners. Built-in paper-saving properties green your business and save you money—such as scan to email, network folders, and cloud-based options.

Track and manage printing costs by analyzing reports.

Prism Software Print Management
Prism Software ScanPath

Prism Software provides a suite of industry-leading print and document management software products. These products serve the variable data printing, document output management, and legacy data printing and conversion markets. Prism’s software helps its customers significantly reduce operational costs, greatly improve document flow and work processes, and expand and improve document creation and distribution choices.

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