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Office Black and White and color MFP digital systems
Copy, Print, Fax, And Scan With Ease

Even if your office has gone as paperless as possible you are likely to have at least a few recurring printing projects. Sending these jobs out is costly which is why many businesses lease or buy digital technology.

Produce high quality output documents in the convenience of your own office. This includes technology that syncs with paper-saving and access controlled printing software. Consult with our software professionals, we can help you choose the right solution to meet your needs.

We will talk you through the features and functions you require to achieve your printing and presentation goals.

Commercial Color/Production Print

Whether used for internal or external purposes you must ensure that your commercial copier prints, copies, scans, and faxes in crystal clear high resolution. Although commercial-grade, not all copiers are created equally—but Axis Business Technologies only sells the best!

Whether a simple form or a presentation piece the quality of your print job must deliver the look and feel of your brand. With the correct design and life-like color quality your printed materials are sure to wow.

Choose digital systems from Konica Minolta, Kyocera, HP and Xerox.

Here at Axis we only work with the companies that have an exceptional history of reliable systems that have won award year after year for the trusted most reliable digital printing production devices in the market.

Our Digital systems enable you to optimize your marketing, elevate your brand, accelerate sales and eliminate outsourcing whether an in-plant printer, commercial printer, corporate print shop or marketing department. If you need speed, finishing capabilities, workflow options or exceptional quality output we can customize a solution.

Lease, Purchase, or Rent… Flexible Terms Available for All Businesses

Buying a commercial copier isn’t your only option. Leasing empowers you to upgrade to the latest technology as it continues to evolve for a cost-effective monthly fee.

If you have a large copy, fax, scan, or printing project that your current copiers can’t complete with efficiency, you can rent our copiers by the day, week, or month. This not only speeds up your project but ensures sensitive company and client data stays in-house.

Renting is also a perfect option for businesses in transition to a paperless business model. Our rented copiers can sync with your encrypted printing software and be set up for access-only use.

Purchase or Lease a Pre-owned Certified Digital System

Pre-owned commercial copiers/printers provide new and existing businesses a cost-effective alternative to buying brand new. Not to worry as all of our pre-owned options have modern technology and come with a same as new 90-day parts and labor warranty.

We carefully select high-quality used copiers/printers from Konica Minolta, Kyocera, and HP. These models are often used as product demos or the previous owner decided not to extend their lease.

Axis Business Technologies will help you choose a used commercial copier, scanner, fax, and printer that brands your business with every document it delivers!

Discover the World of Kip

KIP is a leading global supplier of digital printing and scanning solutions for color and monochrome wide format documents. KIP offers an extensive product range that meets the ever-increasing demand for fast, high quality, cost-effective reproduction. KIP advanced product technology leads the market in performance, reliability and value with an exceptionally low cost of operation.

Generate, Create, Destroy

The Formax Product Line has been developed with you, the customer, in mind. Reliable, dependable, and user-friendly equipment you expect and deserve.  Formax offers an expansive product line for specialty printing, print finishing, mailing, data destruction, and more. Axis Business Technologies and Formax offer the full line of:

Document Scanning Solutions That Fuel Non-Stop Efficiency

Business runs on data, but all too often, the world still runs on paper. Operating at maximum efficiency requires reliable, fast processes for bringing paper documents into your digital workflows.

Panasonic scanners and imaging software deliver better performance and higher reliability across the board. Whether you’re scanning business cards one at a time, or imaging records nonstop, Panasonic has the right high-performance scanning solution for your needs.

Digital transformation is rapidly changing the needs in all business areas. Scanning is the enabler that allows organisations to digitise, augment, organise and share information to fuel business growth and innovation.

Scanning unlocks the flow of information through the business.