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Here’s Why Investing in a Digital Menu is One of the Best Decisions for a Restauranter

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A digital menu board

Technology has changed every industry for the better. It’s also had an impact on restaurants, as paper menus and chalkboards are quickly turning into relics. Your ‘specials of the day’ sign in chalk right outside your door might make a few people stop and take selfies for Instagram, but it’s unlikely to get a lot of them to actually walk in.

If you’re still on the fence about switching completely to a digital menu, here are some benefits that will help you make up your mind:

1. Save Time & Money

Thanks to their incredible flexibility and customization options, keeping a digital menu board updated as your restaurant evolves is easy. You can add or reduce items, display prices, and introduce new special items or discounts in minutes.

No more spending money on ordering a new batch of menus and waiting for them to be printed and delivered to you.

2. Easier Communication

Digital menu boards allow restaurant owners to share more information about their menu items, such as calories, nutritional values, and allergens. Such information sharing is required by law in many states.

Adding all these details to a paper menu can quickly make it resemble a book, whereas your customers can read the same details more conveniently on a large, well-lit screen.

3. All About the Visuals

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video or animation just might be worth five. Switching to a digital menu means you can forget about dull, still photographs of your food on paper, and bring in vibrant, bright videos & animations that will quickly catch your customers’ eyes and pique their interest.

Digital menu boards help you capitalize on science which says that looking at imagery of delicious food triggers reward and pleasure centers in the brain.

4. Make Waiting Easier

Once they’re inside the restaurant, people often tend to think of anything other than eating their food as waiting. The signage you use for digital menus in your restaurant can double as entertainment and help manage perceived wait times before they become an issue.

A part of the screen can be programmed to display content that keeps your customers engaged as they wait.

A happy diner with her order

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